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#Influential – because that’s what we are

Monday, January 14th, 2019

Katie Temple, Account Executive

Last year, Brookline Public Relations celebrated its Year of Influence. Summed up perfectly by our girl, Shama Walji, 2018 saw a number of influential moments that kept Brookline on top of PR trends and allowed us to continue influencing the industry, our clients and each other.

But behind these influential moments was a team of talented PR professionals that work hard day in and day out to make it all happen. The cornerstone to why Brookline is able to be so influential lies solely in our people and the incredible culture that exists within these four walls.





As one of the newest Brookliners, I am constantly amazed by the team of strong women who all bring unique skills and a diverse background to the table in order to deliver stellar results for our clients. And let’s get real for a second, when you talk about an all-female workplace, the first thing that probably comes to mind is to run for the hills. Google has even solidified this theory by auto populating the end of my search for ‘all female workplace’ with the word ‘disaster’.

After all, us gals grouped together are known to be catty or competitive but what no one ever talks about is how supportive, encouraging and inspiring we can be for each other and the environment that positivity creates, particularly in the workplace. And that is exactly what I’ve found here at Brookline – a positive culture fostered by women.

We have a team of incredible women that – hold the phone – actually all get along, work together seamlessly AND have a lot of fun while doing it.  We take the time to celebrate each other and our wins, we’ve always got our teammate’s back and are always there to support one another and help each other grow.

It really is a team of badass babes who can do it all. From collaborating in a boardroom and putting pen to paper to picking up the kids from school or making time for a daily sweat session, we get things done. The best parts of our individual styles and personalities rub off on each other, we care for and nurture one another and there is always someone around to lend a hand when it is needed. We’re a little crazy and loud and we love to laugh but we also love what we do and who we do it with, which creates a pretty fantastic place to spend our nine-to-five.



I think it is a rarity to find this kind of environment, not because they don’t exist, but because people automatically assume the worst, put their guard up and in-fact, run for the hills. But before you do, I’d encourage you to challenge this bias and look through a different lens because at the end of the day, women really are better together. I think our all-female cast is one of the things that makes us the brilliant, influential team that we are.



Katie is an Account Executive at Brookline Public Relations. She brings national and international communications experience to the team with a background in corporate communications, community investment and strategic communication planning.

The Calgary Airport Authority unveils the future of YYC

Monday, July 16th, 2018

Ottilie Coldbeck, Intern

During the month of June, Brookline worked with the Calgary Airport Authority (YYC) to unveil its new strategic direction and branding to city stakeholders and airport partners. Through two keynote presentations made by the YYC’s President and CEO, Bob Sartor, the highly-anticipated vision for the airport revealed exciting opportunities for the city and region.

On June 13, YYC invited representatives from organizations across the city, with a vested interest in Calgary’s growth as an economic driver in Alberta, to be among the first to experience YYC’s new vision, the North Star. In addition to a sit-down breakfast and presentation hosted at the Calgary Telus Convention Centre, guests were invited to participate in an interactive expo, featuring a virtual reality experience, renderings for the proposed new airport campus and the airport’s new facial recognition technology.

Brookline’s media relations efforts for this event resulted in 29 media stories and national coverage across Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto.

Following this, the Brookline team coordinated a second event on June 26 to present the North Star vision to airport partners at YYC. Held at the Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel, representatives from a variety of airline partners and transportation service organizations gathered to learn more about the new direction for the Authority and the ways in which the airport will provide elevated experiences to all YYC guests.

For these events, Brookline managed event logistics and media relations tactics to assist the Authority in sharing their North Star vision with the Calgary community. From the brand-themed floral arrangements to Alberta-focused menu items, Brookline worked closely with the Authority to ensure that the event represented YYC’s refreshed branding and strategic direction.

Brookline is thrilled to have worked with the Authority for the unveiling of their new vision and looks forward to continuing to support the momentum for the future of YYC and North Star.


Ottilie Coldbeck is an Intern at Brookline Public Relations. As a self-proclaimed adventure seeker, Ottilie challenges herself to remain outside her comfort zone in all aspects of her life. Ottilie has a passion for story-telling – helping brands communicate their messages in an authentic manner.

#NotInMyCity Partnership With YYC Takes Off

Monday, July 9th, 2018

Erica Morgan, Account Manager

Last month, Brookline was pleased to facilitate an important announcement regarding a new relationship between the #NotInMyCity movement and the Calgary Airport Authority. On June 20, in the new arrivals terminal at the Calgary International Airport, Bob Sartor, President and CEO of the Calgary Airport Authority officially announced the organization’s full support as an Ally of the #NotInMyCity movement in the fight to end sex trafficking. The movement, which launched in 2017, is championed by humanitarian and Canadian country music superstar, Paul Brandt, and has united stakeholders throughout Calgary and the country in the fight to protect some of its most vulnerable citizens.

Brookline provided media relations and event management support for the press conference where Sartor, together with Brandt, shared the news with key stakeholders, Airport Authority representatives and nearly every media outlet in the city. Sartor affirmed that as an Ally, the Airport Authority was committed to creating additional awareness and education amongst guests, volunteers and staff on how to identify possible human trafficking victims, as well as taking a visible stance to show that human trafficking is not acceptable at the airport, within Calgary, or anywhere in Canada.

Following the morning’s press conference, the 2018 #NotInMyCity Benefit was held at Calgary’s iconic Deane House, where influencers and supporters of the cause from across Canada gathered to lend their support. The Brookline team was proud to be amongst the attendees taking a stand against child sexual exploitation and sex trafficking by wearing the movement’s iconic yellow rose emblem created by renowned Canadian designer, Paul Hardy. The beautiful floral logo made its first appearance last year in the awareness scarf and bandana collection designed by Hardy that were used to help raise funds for the campaign.

Brookline also managed the 2017 press conference where Brandt initially introduced #NotInMyCity to Calgary media with the support of numerous influential individuals and organizations, including the Calgary Police Service, the City of Calgary and MNP LLP who branded their Stampede chuckwagon tarp with the movement’s yellow rose.

To learn more or to support this important cause, visit




– Erica Morgan is an Account Manager at Brookline Public Relations. She brings expertise in the areas of event management, social media strategy and media relations.