Navigating the New Year: PR Insights from 2023 for a Successful 2024

Posted on January 10, 2024

Reflecting on lessons learned and insights gained is pivotal for charting a successful course in the dynamic world of public relations. As we kick off the new year, I’m sharing a few takeaways from an exciting 2023 at Brookline Public Relations that will, hopefully, inspire your strategies in the year ahead.

Adapting to Hybrid Realities for Events

With the days of pandemic lockdowns behind us *knocks on wood*, we have seen a surge in the return of in-person events. The post-pandemic world has underscored the use of Teams, Zoom and the like, presenting an opportunity for ‘hybrid’ event formats. At Brookline, we understand the importance of embracing both in-person and virtual spaces. Our expertise lies in seamlessly adapting to hybrid realities, ensuring our clients not only stay connected with their existing audiences but also have the flexibility to explore untapped markets through virtual experiences.

Key Considerations in the Changing Media Landscape

The media landscape continues to evolve, presenting both challenges and opportunities. You’ve heard it before but I’m going to say it one more time: effective pitching is more crucial than ever. At Brookline, we excel in navigating this landscape, employing tailored pitching strategies that not only capture the attention of media outlets but also keep our clients relevant and in the spotlight. In a rapidly changing media environment, a proactive and relevant approach ensures our clients are part of the conversations that matter most.

Utilizing the Right Social Platform for Your Business

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of a discerning approach when it comes to choosing social media platforms for your business. In 2023, we saw platforms like Threads come onto the scene – and navigated this overnight sensation with caution, understanding that not every bandwagon is worth jumping on. Our approach is rooted in strategic alignment, ensuring our clients utilize platforms that resonate with their audiences and effectively communicate and showcase their brand and narrative.

Talent in a Dynamic Communications Landscape

The communications landscape is ever evolving, and having the right talent is crucial for meeting the diverse needs of our clients.  With that, allow me to shout out our colleagues Richard Bartrem, brand and communications strategist; Laila Adam, Indigenous relations & social responsibility specialist; Susan Soprovich, investor relations specialist; Wendy Agudelo, US PR strategist; and Louis-Philippe Dorais, bilingual communications specialist. Integral members of our team at Brookline, their expertise spans various facets of PR, ensuring we have the right skills in the right areas. It’s the collective strength of our talented team that allows us to adapt swiftly to industry shifts and deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Brand Awareness in a Social Context

In an era of heightened social awareness and cancel culture, communication requires finesse and consideration. At Brookline, our approach to brand awareness goes beyond traditional strategies. We ensure alignment with social values, navigate the delicate balance of cancel culture and create narratives that resonate genuinely with our clients’ audiences.

As we step into 2024, armed with the insights and experiences of the past year, the Brookline team is committed to navigating the ever-changing landscape of public relations with agility, creativity and strategic precision. May these reflections inspire your journey and lead to a year filled with successful PR endeavors!

Kelsey Wilson is an Account Director at Brookline Public Relations. She excels at collaborating with colleagues and clients to deliver impactful PR programs that achieve exceptional results.