Love Actually

Posted on February 24, 2015

February is a month that is often misunderstood – it is home to a holiday that is unappreciated by many, and it can’t decide whether it’s 28 or 29 days long – yet February is also the month of love. While we Brookliners enjoy using this month as an excuse to eat chocolate, it is really about recognizing the small acts of love that happen every day.

To quote my good friend Hugh Grant – “If you look for it…you’ll find that love actually is all around”. Here are just a few examples of some amazing Brookline clients who have demonstrated the true meaning of love this February.

1. Edo Japan was pleased to announce that its holiday giving campaign raised over $76,000 for food banks across Canada. With nearly 850,000 Canadians depending on the food bank each month, hunger is becoming a growing epidemic in Canada. Edo is committed to giving back to the communities it serves, while working towards a healthier, happier and hunger-less nation.

2. The Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre (SKCAC) was one of just three organizations to be recently presented with $1.3 million in government funding. This partnership will allow the SKCAC, a leader in child abuse treatment and prevention, to continue providing comprehensive support to victims of abuse. The SKCAC’s dedication to eliminating the stigmatism surrounding abuse is certainly awe-inspiring in our eyes!

3. Heart disease is the leading cause of death among Canadians. RCA and Mayfair Diagnostics, Calgary’s leading medical imaging providers, launched their ‘Matters of the Heart’ campaign this month to raise awareness about heart health. Calgarians can show their hearts some love by eating healthy, exercising regularly and eliminating controllable risk factors like smoking.

4. Every graduating student deserves to have their dream dress for prom. Unfortunately, many teens are unable to afford this luxury. On Feb. 1, Marlborough Mall began collecting gently used dresses for GownTown – an annual event that allows upcoming graduates to experience the perfect prom. On March 29, student shoppers can purchase these grad gowns for just $10.

5. Brookline loves love. The Brookline team had plenty to celebrate this February – from birthdays and babies, to engagements, work anniversaries and more. We were also thrilled to welcome a new Brookliner to the office and have continued to celebrate the exciting personal journeys each of us is embarking on this year.

It’s important to remember that donating just a little bit of your time, money or resources (even an old dress!) can make a big impact on someone’s life. February was packed full of love for Brookline and our clients, and we hope you’ll join us in spreading the love all year round!

-Shae Pollock is an intern at Brookline Public Relations. She is in her fourth year of public relations at Mount Royal University, where she developed her communication skills working for non-profit organizations.