T&T Supermarket National Campaign

Posted on March 5, 2024

In the dynamic landscape of today’s media, leveraging the power of influencers has become a key tool for brands looking to capture attention and drive engagement. Recently, T&T Supermarket, a leading North American Asian grocery retailer, tapped the Brookline PR team to execute two impactful (and delicious) national campaigns – one in celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival and one to highlight a new and unique menu during the December holiday season. The results were nothing short of impressive, with nearly 700,000 impressions garnered from key Canadian influencers across Instagram and TikTok!

The Mid-Autumn Festival holds immense cultural significance in Chinese tradition, marked by vibrant celebrations and indulgence in specialty treats like mooncakes. T&T Supermarket worked with Brookline to build national awareness for the wide array of Mid-Autumn Festival products and activations offered during the festival by engaging influencers in key markets (Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal) from coast to coast. Brookline managed all aspects of influencer relations for the campaign, from initial outreach to post-campaign reporting. The focus of this campaign was contracting influencers to create captivating video content and the results proved this was the right angle with an impressive 143,474 Instagram reel and TikTok impressions and 10,914 Instagram story views across the campaign. The influencer partnerships ensured awareness about the festival across the country.

Come December, T&T Supermarket announced a unique take on hot and ready holiday meals that had Canadians excited for the delectable delights! To highlight these seasonal offerings, Brookline spearheaded a fulsome national influencer campaign, employing a mix of content formats to maximize the impact across Canada. From Instagram stories to TikToks, the campaign generated close to 600,000 impressions, encouraging Canadians to try something new for their holiday celebrations.

What set these campaigns apart was the authentic, user-generated content crafted by each influencer. The Brookline team ensured that each piece would resonate organically with the T&T Supermarket audience, fostering genuine connections and driving engagement from Canadians. By working with creative and passionate influencers, the Brookline team created two standout campaigns that captivated audiences nationwide.

Alyssa Wadey is an Account Executive at Brookline.  As a graduate of Humber College’s renowned public relations program, Alyssa is never afraid of a communications challenge and always comes to the table with fresh idea.