Calling all fun-seekers: Moxy Banff is now open!

Posted on July 2, 2024

Brookline recently had the pleasure of bringing the grand opening celebration of Western Canada’s very first Moxy Hotel to life – say hello to Moxy Banff! This isn’t just any hotel; it’s a vibrant playground for the young at heart, resulting from a $30 million transformation of Banff’s first commercial motor hotel, The Voyager Inn, originally built in 1964.

And let’s just say, Brookline made sure this grand opening was one for the books.

When you think of ‘Moxy,’ you think cool, vintage, mid-century vibes with a modern twist – right? Well, Brookline leaned all the way into this playful spirit for the grand opening, creating an event that nearly 200 lucky guests RSVP’d for. The goal? To immerse guests in Moxy Banff’s unique take on one of the world’s most beautiful destinations.

From the initial spark of the idea to the final curtain drop, Brookline turned visions into reality. The event kicked off with a formal speaking program that highlighted key stakeholders, which set the stage for hotel tours and a variety of interactive experiences. Picture this: a lively photo booth, a digital caricature artist capturing those quirky smiles, live music that kept the energy buzzing and so much more.

But it didn’t stop there. Brookline nailed every detail, from coordinating vendors to sourcing creative swag options and eye-catching signage. Every element of the event was meticulously planned.

Leading up to the event, Brookline engaged with media and influencers to drum up the excitement. And oh boy did we succeed! Within a span of just over seven months, 367 media stories were published about Moxy Banff and 14 Alberta-based media outlets attended the grand opening event. Coverage earned a total reach of more than 53 million.

Additionally, 114 social media posts were made by Alberta-based influencers in just over six months. Our curated list of influencers perfectly matched Moxy Banff’s playful brand and their invite to the event? A custom Caesar Kit that was so irresistible, influencers couldn’t help but RSVP ASAP. 11 influencers joined the fun, sharing their Moxy Banff experiences across various social media platforms.

All in all, Brookline’s meticulous planning paid off and made the Moxy Banff grand opening a roaring success. This celebration didn’t just introduce a new hotel; it showcased a fresh standard of hospitality in Western Canada. By engaging with media, influencers and guests, Brookline was able to convey the Moxy Banff’s brand in all of its glory, setting the stage for a bright future in Banff’s bustling tourism scene.

So, here’s to Moxy Banff – a vibrant addition to Banff’s charm, where the fun never stops and the memories are just beginning. Cheers to a new era of playful, unforgettable stays!

Haylie Huber is a Public Relations Assistant at Brookline Public Relations. With a diverse background in agriculture, energy and municipal government, Haylie never shies away from a challenge and is passionate about providing high quality, goal-driven results.