The Power of Precision: attention to detail is key for public relations professionals

Posted on January 31, 2024

In a world bustling with information and constant distractions, the ability to pay close attention to detail is a skill that can set individuals apart, especially in the dynamic and fast paced field of public relations. Extending far beyond plain perfectionism, attention to detail is a cornerstone for success – it influences relationships, reputations and our ability to reach our goals.

At Brookline, we always strive for excellence and hold attention to detail at the top of our list of ‘must dos’ each day as it takes on a heightened importance in the intricate landscape of our day-to-day.

Consider the task of sending a media pitch to a reporter. It’s well-crafted and the linchpin of our media relations strategy, but meticulous attention to detail can mean the difference of a reporter picking up the story or not. These might seem basic, but here are some key things to consider before hitting send:

  • Are there spelling mistakes in your subject line?
  • Are you using the right their, there and they’re?
  • Is your CP style correct throughout? (Remember, it’s per cent not % and a.m./p.m. not AM/PM – we practice our CP Style skills as a team on a weekly basis here at Brookline!)
  • Have you spelled the reporter’s name correctly? (It’s the simplest but most important element of all!)

Overlooking any one of these items can be detrimental. Not only do errors reflect poorly on your professionalism, but also conveys a lack of care and consideration (and attention to detail) to your audience/recipient. In the example of our well-crafted pitch, getting the spelling of a reporter’s name right is more than just a matter of courtesy; it’s a strategic move that significantly increases the chances of your pitch being read and considered.

When we don’t pay enough attention to those things in PR, it can be problematic. For example:

  • Imagine a well-intentioned press release with an incorrect date or factual error;
  • A joke in a speech that doesn’t land quite right; or
  • A misleading subject line in an urgent email.

Oversights like these not only compromise the credibility of your message but can also lead to public embarrassment and reputation damage. In PR, attention to detail is an investment for success as clients are more likely to trust and retain an agency that consistently demonstrates precision and reliability – which is what we strive for (and achieve!) at Brookline.

Long story short, attention to detail is not just a virtue but a strategic advantage and a keen eye can be the difference between success and failure.

The devil truly is in the details.

Haylie Huber is a Public Relations Assistant at Brookline Public Relations. With a diverse background in agriculture, energy and municipal government, Haylie never shies away from a challenge and is passionate about providing high quality, goal-driven results.