Group work doesn’t end after graduation

Posted on April 28, 2022

Ask any student and most will share the same dread for group projects.

Take me for example – in my second year of studies and sixth month of remote learning, I was tasked to execute an online event with a group of five fellow classmates. While this project was riddled with valuable knowledge, challenges such as differing time zones, communication styles and work loads resulted in a collective feeling of panic.

In hindsight, this assignment taught us much more than event planning. These challenges forced us to practice time management, conflict resolution and accountability. We learned there is power in partnership. By leaning on one another’s strengths, we grew as a team and successfully pulled off our online event.

As I soon came to realize during my internship at Brookline, group work doesn’t end after graduation. Whether it’s crafting a press release or strategizing a social media campaign, successful PR practitioners welcome a variety of perspectives and skillsets to strengthen any project’s impact.

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do both as PR professionals and Brookliners. Since collaborating with the talented Brookliners on our team, I’ve come to appreciate the following about group work:

There is knowledge in numbers.

From brainstorming sessions to client feedback, the more I collaborated, the more my knowledge grew. Each person is chock-full of unique experiences, expertise and ideas. When offered the opportunity to work alongside a team member, commit to learning from them. Whether you gain knowledge or a new memory, it’ll be a win either way.

Teamwork truly makes the dream work.

While grand ideas are great, it is nearly impossible to execute them alone. I learned this the hard way as a compulsive micromanager in school; I’d become so engulfed in an idea that I’d overwhelm myself trying to execute it.

With the supportive team at Brookline, projects that once felt impossible transformed into manageable tasks. Together, we launch buzzworthy brands, plan engaging events and manage even the mightiest of reputations. We’re able to deliver successful results because of the team that empowers each of us.

Collaboration fosters connection.

When I think of a workplace without collaboration, I think of Dilbert – the classic comic featuring cubicles, coffee and khakis. While I enjoy my fair share of office brewed coffee, I value the people I share it with much more. Working among a team produces not only success but connections, and over the course of these zany two and a half years, we’ve come to learn how imperative these connections are.

From virtual fun days to a warm welcome back to the office, Brookline encourages collaboration by giving back to its employees. As a result, I feel driven to go that extra mile not just in my work but also for my team.

The truth is, you’ll never escape group work in the public relations industry. Whether it’s landing coverage for a client or partnering with influencers, collaboration is practiced in nearly all the work we do.

The good news? When you join a tremendously supportive team, you learn, thrive and connect more than ever before. Group work is no longer met with an eyeroll but an enthusiastic, “YES!” Before long, you’ll be #BPRGrateful for your team just as much as I am for mine.

Mackenzie Murphy is a Public Relations Intern at Brookline Public Relations. As a soon-to-be graduate, Mackenzie brings her passion for learning and skillful storytelling to every project presented to her.