New Years Resolutions – PR Style

Posted on January 14, 2015

It’s hard to believe 2014 has come and gone. We had an unbelievable year! From celebrating our 10th anniversary, to launching a new runway for the Calgary Airport Authority, to building bigger and better profiles for our valued clients, we are incredibly proud of what we have accomplished. But as we look to the year ahead, we know we can do even better.  Below is my take on our four pillars as they relate to my PR resolutions for 2015.


To be at the top of our game, it is important to be of healthy mind and body. In 2015, I intend to build on this through a strong work-life balance, plenty of sleep, and living a healthy, active life. Some of the things we already have planned include a team ski-trip to Fernie, team workouts and making sure to use our awesome perks like “me days” and an extra half day tacked on to long weekends. We work really hard and it is important to find that balance.


It is a necessity to be creative when you work in PR. It takes new ideas and unique avenues to garner media attention, but sometimes you will hit a mental block. This year I resolve to utilize my team members as much as possible. Asking for help on an account when I am feeling stuck will make me a better PR practitioner. We have some pretty incredible projects in the months ahead and working together will ensure the best possible results for our clients. I am in awe of the ideas my colleagues generate. And each individual at Brookline has talents in different areas. It is much more powerful to work in cohesion than alone.


Public relations is widely misunderstood. At its core, public relations provides exposure for companies and exposure ultimately affects the bottom line. Our job is to figure out what attention will best serve our clients. To do so, we need to have a heightened awareness of the world around us. So in 2015 I resolve to be a solid PR professional by staying on top of current trends, exploring different avenues for clients, and most importantly, educating myself about industry sectors that are new to me.


Finally, I am part of the team here that helps grow and develop Brookline’s culture. Our culture impacts who we are as professionals and I am excited to continue to advance what we do. This year I resolve to take the time to evaluate where we are strong and where we need some work, offer new ideas, and finally implement them. Attending seminars, researching and networking with other professionals who are responsible for culture will not only improve our culture but help us market it to potential new clients and employees.

So those are my PR resolutions! It’s going to be an amazing year ahead and I can’t wait to see everything unfold. Cheers to the most amazing 2015!

– Kristen McAdam is an Account Executive at Brookline Public Relations. She has a diverse background from corporate, to professional sports, to the not-for-profit sector and brings experience to the agency in the areas of event management, marketing communications, and media relations.