Advancing Economic Reconciliation: A Year-Round Conversation with Connect Partnership Group

Posted on November 24, 2023

Economic reconciliation is crucial for rectifying historical injustices, fostering social equity and building an inclusive and sustainable economy that benefits both Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. Conversations about economic reconciliation should be addressed year-round, which is why Brookline was proud to lend our expertise in 2023 to support event management company Connect Partnership Group with its Indigenous-focused Forward Summit and Workforce Forward events. 

Both Forward Summit and Workforce Forward share a common goal: advancing year-round conversations and actions around Indigenous inclusion. These events serve as a bridge, connecting the Canadian business community with Indigenous leaders and communities, creating spaces for dialogue and collaboration. The programs for each event are guided by a Leadership Council made up of Indigenous business leaders from across the country.

Forward Summit made its mark in 2023 with two events: Forward Summit WEST in Calgary, AB and Forward Summit EAST in Orillia, ON. Each of the two-day events brought corporate Canada and Indigenous communities together to discuss how to work in partnership towards a common goal: building a strong, prosperous and equal Canada for all. Upholding the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Call to Action #92, the conference guided significant conversations on building respectful relationships with Indigenous communities that result in collaborative, competitive and successful business development projects that progress economic reconciliation for Indigenous peoples. 

Forward Summit also recognizes the crucial need for Indigenous youth voices to be included on the path to reconciliation. In partnership with Actua, Canada’s leading youth STEM outreach organization, Indigenous youth were invited to speak on the opening panels at both Forward Summit events, sharing their expectations when it comes to the level of industry and government support necessary in securing their future.

Complementing this was Workforce Forward, an event created in response to the changing landscape within Canadian organizations. With three in-person events across Canada and one virtual event, Workforce Forward addressed the rising demand for Indigenous-centered education, training and inclusion initiatives in the workplace. Brookline’s support played a crucial role in creating awareness of the event as it expanded for the first time from Calgary to include Saskatoon and Vancouver, reflecting the growing interest in fostering a culture of belonging for Indigenous talent.

As we look back on our work supporting these events, the Brookline team is proud to have joined forces with Connect Partnership Group to help advance economic reconciliation and build a stronger, more inclusive Canada for everyone.

Kelsey Wilson is an Account Director at Brookline Public Relations with a passion for Indigenous Relations. She excels at collaborating with colleagues and clients to deliver impactful PR programs that achieve exceptional results.