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10 reasons why training for a half marathon and planning an event are not so different

Friday, August 1st, 2014

You may ask what these two very different topics have in common. Well, a couple of the Brookline team members, myself included, are getting ready to run a half marathon this fall and as I started training for my very first half, I couldn’t help but realize how the preparation and training is not all that different than planning an event.

So whether you’re training for an ultra-marathon or planning your first big event, here are a few tips to help you on your journey.

  1. Set goals: Are you looking to set a new record? Or are you hoping to plan a one-of-a-kind celebration that will have all your guests talking? No matter what the activity, you should always set clear, effective and measureable goals. This will help you grow as both an athlete and a PR practitioner.
  2. Make a plan: Timelines are key. If you’re looking to build up to a new long-distance race, it’s important to schedule those long runs and sprints to make sure you don’t injure yourself. Similarly, work back schedules are vital when planning an event. These will ensure that key dates are met, approvals are made and activities are completed.
  3. Try new things: Nobody likes running the same route day after day, just like nobody likes attending an event that’s already been done. Instead, shake up your routine and try something new. Find a running buddy or test out a Crossfit Class (a Brookline favourite). These will help build stamina and endurance and will keep you from being bored. And try a team brainstorm to think of new event themes, giveaways, entertainment and speeches – these will help create a lasting buzz following your event.
  4. Footwear matters: Whether it’s the perfect black pump or a lightweight sneaker, finding the proper footwear that will be comfortable for an entire day, is vital. Blisters, sore toes and cuts are the last thing that you need during your last few kilometres, or as the event wraps up. So make sure to find something that fits your foot perfectly.
  5. Don’t forget to eat: When you’re busy it’s easy to forget about proper nutrition. Just like carb-loading before a big race, it’s important to consume a lot of nutrient-rich food before an important event so you have the energy to last the entire night. Try to keep healthy snacks (like Brookline’s favorite peanut butter and banana) close at hand to keep you fueled and focused.
  6. Get your beauty rest: While these two activities can be filled with excitement, the stress (and blood, sweat and tears) may keep you up at night. However, it’s important to be on you’re A game, so beauty rest is extremely important. Make sure to give yourself some time to rest leading up to the big day.
  7. Keep your technology up-to-date: I for one cannot live without my iPhone. However, nothing can trigger a crisis quite like a dead cell phone or app update. So make sure that all of your devices are completely charged and ready to go, so you can listen to your latest running jam and make those last minute requests from vendors.
  8. Dress the part: I’m sure you always consider the weather before heading outside for a run, but it’s equally important to think about the work conditions, clients and location of your event when planning your outfit for an event. While it’s important to look professional and put-together, make sure that you wear something that is comfortable and easy to move around in. An outfit with pockets is always a great idea!
  9. Evaluate your success: When the time has come, and you’ve completed your race or concluded the big event, make sure that you take the time and ask yourself, did I meet my goals? Did you stay under the two hour mark? Did you receive positive media coverage? Whatever goals you set for yourself don’t forget to reflect on the results and see what you’ve learned.
  10. Celebrate your success: We’ve talked a lot on our blog about celebrating our successes. No matter what the activity, it’s important to take a look back on your journey and appreciate how far you’ve come. So whether you celebrate by getting a massage, having a glass of wine, or having a really long nap, make sure you appreciate the journey and the growth.

-Madison is an Account Executive at Brookline. She brings experience in the areas of media and social media relations, event management and internal communications.