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Calgary-based 9D International seeks to rebuild homes destroyed in Chile quake

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

This past Friday Brookline had the opportunity to witness how a Calgary-based company is making a positive change around the globe by offering affordable and safe housing system solutions.

Founder of 9D International Michael Readwin has been developing and building affordable housing solutions for more than 12 years. His proven technology recently captured the attention of the Chilean government as his structures are earthquake and termite proof; hurricane, tsunami and fire resistant; and are energy efficient and affordable, requiring little to no maintenance.

Mr. Readwin is seeking to help rebuild 220,000 homes that were destroyed in the Chile earthquake. On Friday several Chilean delegates traveled to Canada for the first-time to witness a series of live demonstrations on the 9D foundation system, house assembly and fire proofing. Brookline was brought on board to help with the event logistics leading up to the event, to ensure the demonstrations ran smoothly, and to peak the media’s interest.

The event was a huge success gaining media coverage from print, online and television outlets, and everyone in attendance was impressed with the leading edge technologies that 9D International has to offer.