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The Ultimate Intern Experience

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

Amanda Williams, Intern

My first work term at Brookline was as expected: amazing, busy, fun, crazy… brilliant! During this time, I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside, and learn from, some of Canada’s greatest PR practitioners. What made this experience so amazing was both the wide array of tasks we accomplished and the unforgettable relationships I cultivated with the Brookline team – when they say they work hard AND play hard, they mean it!


One of my favourite memories with the Brookline team – sharing a meal at the Deane House, then heading down to the Stampede Grounds to see the rodeo


During my four-month work term I worked with several clients including ICE District, Sobeys, The City of Red Deer, Brewster Travel Canada, Edo Japan and Ford. Each client was unique and provided me with diverse experiences, which will be beneficial for the remainder of my university degree and future career in PR. One of my favourite client experiences was being onsite for a Ford interview with Global News. During this interview, I assisted the weather man, Jordan Witzel, in putting on a Ford hangover suit and saw him trying to maneuver in it. We were raising awareness around the dangers of driving while hungover. The suit imitates some of the symptoms and dulled senses people experience when they’re hungover. I’m not going to lie, watching him in the suit was pretty hilarious!


Jordan Witzel testing out the Ford Hangover Suit


I learned A LOT during my time working at Brookline – one thing I didn’t expect to pick up was how to properly pronounce Etobicoke (an important life lesson). I also learned how to efficiently multitask and meet deadlines. I always thought I had these skills mastered, however, working at Brookline taught me how to take them to the next level.



While I am sad to be leaving, I am grateful for the opportunity I had to be part of the BPR AP[PR]ENTICES program and one of the best PR teams a girl could ask for. I made memories I will never forget, and learned lessons that I will continue to carry along my journey.

This is Mandi/AW/Amanda/Williams/Miss Mandi signing off.


First selfie as Brookline intern


One of my final pictures with the team in the beautiful Brookline office


– Amanda Williams is an Intern at Brookline Public Relations.

Flying high with the Wings Over Springbank Airshow

Monday, August 28th, 2017

Dominica Nemec, Assistant Account Specialist

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… nine planes flying in formation! It’s the Wings Over Springbank Airshow!



This summer, Brookline had the pleasure of once again working with the Wings Over Springbank Airshow, which brought excitement to the skies just west of Calgary on July 29th and 30th. After a successful inaugural show at the Springbank Airport in 2015, Brookline was hired for a second time to manage the public relations and media buys for the event.



The Brookline team secured partnerships with both radio and print outlets to promote ticket sales and executed a media relations strategy to build awareness and excitement for the show amongst Calgarians.
The week prior to the Airshow began with a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Calgary blogger, Mike Morrison, during which he had the opportunity to fly with aerobatic pilot and former Snowbird, Brent Handy. Mike documented his experience through a video which was shared through multiple social media platforms to help promote the show.



After a few of in-studio morning show visits for Airshow Chair and Organizer, Sarah Van Gilst, and pilot, Jim Martinelli, it was time for the media to get a taste of a different kind of ‘air time’. In the days leading up to the airshow, reporters from Calgary’s major news outlets made their way to the Springbank Airport for interviews and some fly-alongs in the planes set to perform during the show, including the P51 Mustang, the twin Harvards, the Jelly Belly 1942 Interstate Cadet and many more. Clear skies allowed for perfect flying conditions and some reporters even got to experience a few aerobatic tricks. The fly-along pilots were joined by Canadian Armed Forces Snowbird, Bassam Mnaymneh, and CF-18 Hornet National Demo Pilot, Matthew Kutryk, for exclusive media interviews.



Coverage garnered by Brookline for the Airshow resulted included hits from Breakfast Television, CTV, Global, the Calgary Herald, the Weather Network, 660 News, News Talk 770 and many more. A number of Calgary-based blogs, including It’s Date Night, also did ticket giveaways and posts about the show to boost interest in attending the weekend event.



During the airshow, Brookline was on site to help support media activity, but not without casting a few glances towards the sky to catch the show. Needless to say, all of the acts, including the CF-18 Demo Hornet and the Canadian Forces Snowbirds, put on an amazing show that we can’t wait to see and be a part of again in 2019!


– Dominica Nemec is an Assistant Account Specialist at Brookline Public Relations. She is at her best when coming up with creative ways to tell a story and is a self-professed grammar geek. She has helped multiple brands tell their stories and build their reputations through media relations, digital communication and event planning.

Event planning: Details, Details Details!

Thursday, August 10th, 2017

Amanda Kemsley, Account Specialist 

It’s an age old saying for many aspects in life, particularly one that could be said about event planning; hope for the best and prepare for the worst. As PR professionals, we prepare and think about every possible scenario, trying to avoid the unavoidable. But, we don’t hope for the best, we plan for it. Below are a few considerations to think of when planning an event and ensuring everything goes off with a bang:

  1. Purpose

Having a clear objective from the beginning will guide all aspects of planning, help to measure results and ensure success of the event. Is the event to launch a product or service? Is it to introduce a new brand/company? Why are you (or the client) holding the event, and what do you want to achieve?


  1. Budget

Once you’ve established the focus of your event, do your research and estimates costs to create a budget you can reasonably work within. If you are given a budget from the client, break it down into line items to give yourself an idea of what can fit into the budget. There are often unforeseen costs so don’t forget to account for contingency.


  1. Know your audience

This goes for both guest and media invites. Invite guests that share an interest in your event, product, service, etc. Reach out to media appropriately and ensure you’re pitching a reporter with a beat that coincides with your event’s purpose. Making sure to research and select the right people will help create a longstanding relationship with event attendees and media contacts.


  1. Timeliness

Conduct an environmental scan for the time, and area of your event. Take a look at other events happening in the city and pick a suitable day and time that will not conflict with your event. You don’t want to compete with other events that have a similar targeted guest list.


  1. Make a list and check it twice

In PR we love lists, but creating a work back schedule will help ensure you don’t miss important elements for your event. Organizing all details into once place will give you the chance to see how your plan is progressing. A run of show is also a great way to envision your event from start to finish and will give you the opportunity to recognize any missing elements.

  1. Venue Selection

Align your event theme with your venue selection. Having consistency in your theme and venue will add to the event and leave a lasting impression. Look at the big picture and choose a venue that can accommodate your guest list, food and beverage options, fits your budget and encompass the atmosphere you’re aiming for. It’s also important to consider accessibility of the venue, convenience for guests and if necessary, contingency plan for weather. If you are on a limited budget, look for a venue that can check off multiple services including catering, entertainment and AV – bundling vendors can help save costs.


  1. Takeaways

Leave a lasting impression on your guests with a simple and thoughtful takeaway gift. Practical or unique gifts are usually a hit, keeping in mind it should always tie back to your event theme.



Once your event is over, record key learnings and regroup with your client to look back, review and measure against your objective(s). Key learnings and takeaways are great to have on hand the next time you plan an event. Events require a lot of foresight, but if planned and executed well, they can be the perfect opportunity to engage with your audience, share a message, secure earned media and more!

Amanda is an Account Specialist at Brookline Public Relations. She has an insatiable appetite for exploring – ironically since she doesn’t like getting lost. She flourishes on bringing broad-minded, creative ideas to the table and trying things outside of the norm.