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5 body language tips when meeting with clients

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

Sophie Pilon, Account Supervisor


As the saying goes, we don’t have a second chance to make a good first impression.  To be exact, research tells us it’s more like 4 seconds; that’s how quickly we form judgments about others after an initial introduction. It’s another 30 seconds before that judgment is almost entirely finalized.

One of the many exciting components of my job is pitching and meeting with clients – from pitching a new idea or closing a deal with a client. Public speaking and presenting in front of a group of people re skills every public relations practitioner should perfect if they want to be successful. In light of that, I’ve decided to put together a list of tips on body language to make a lasting good impression.

  • Smile! You are on camera.

Soph 1

Try walking down the street smiling at strangers. You will quickly realize that people will smile back at you… crazy, right? A genuine smile not only stimulates your own sense of well-being, it also tells those around you that you are approachable, cooperative and trustworthy. By walking into a room with a bright and cheerful smile, you will not only effect your own mood, but also the general excitement of the other people in the room.

  • Shake it like you mean it!

Soph 2

Have you ever watched videos of awkward handshakes? It can be funny, but you really don’t want to be on the tail end of an awkward handshake.

Don’t minimize the importance of a good handshake in the workplace. The optimal business handshake strikes a balance between a forceful grip and a limp noodle. The extended hand should fully engage with the other person’s hand for the most impact. Weak handshakes that only grip fingertips may make a negative impression. Likewise, a break-your-fingers-style handshake presents an overly aggressive stance. How you shake hands provides subtle nonverbal cues about your personality and business style. In addition, when you shake someone’s hand, make sure to look them in the eye. That small gesture exudes immense confidence.

  • Channel your inner Beyoncé by power posing

My husband brought this to my attention a couple of years ago when I mentioned that public speaking sometimes made me nervous. He said he read an article saying you should always do power poses before going into important meetings and presentations. Power posing is basically believing how we stand can change our own confidence level, improve other’s perception of us as leaders, and directly impacting the success of our interpersonal exchanges.

Prepping for meetings with power posturing combined with some positive self-talk can make huge strides in remembering to keep your physical presence top of mind during the pitch. Before every big meetings I have, I always escape for a couple of minutes in the bathroom and channel by inner Beyoncé. I stand as tall as I can, roll my shoulders back, take a few deep breathes and remind myself that I am ready! If I have time (and I’m wearing the appropriate attire) I might even do a warrior pose. By walking into a meeting feeling calm and self-confident, you will radiate determination and poise, characteristics that clients are looking for from their PR professional.

Watch Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk on body language.

Soph 3


  • Dress to impress

On the first day of my first professional job, by boss told me that when working in PR what you wear is very important: it’s a direct reflection of who you are and the work you do.

Clothes do make a difference in how we perceive ourselves, and how others perceive us. It’s important to wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident and fit right. It’s also about sending the right message to the people you are with. You can boost your confidence about yourself and your attire when you dress appropriately for the occasion, know the audience and reflect your personal style.

Soph 4

  • Stop fidgeting

We all have nervous ticks – rocking back and forth, bouncing feet, throat-clearing, or twirling your hair. Fidgeting distracts from what you are trying to communicate and puts the focus on your ticks, rather than your dazzling expertise. Don’t be that person that looks like Elaine from Seinfeld on the dancefloor. Fidgeting is an obvious sign of anxiety and nervousness and sends the message loud and clear that you aren’t self-assured.

Soph 5

Sophie Headshot

–Sophie Pilon is a seasoned public relations practitioner who has worked with a variety of companies, professional and amateur sport teams and not-for-profit organizations. Sophie’s strength lies in creating tailored strategic communications and media relations plans delivered to each client and their needs.

Ford partners with bloggers to “explore” their bucket list

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

Tammy Mandelbaum, Assistant Account Specialist


Bucket List:

□ Go sailing

□ Learn how to surf

Hold a snake (never mind)

□ Write a novel

□ Volunteer with animals

☑ Heli yoga on a mountain top

□ Ride a dirt bike

□ Hot air balloon ride

Brookline Public Relations partnered with Ford of Canada and Robin Esrock, renowned travel writer and TV host, for his Great Canadian Bucket List speaking tour. As part of Brookline’s extensive public relations services, we invited media and key influencers to join Ford and Robin who would help them check an item off of their bucket list. But don’t be alarmed, we didn’t ask our guests to dive into the deep blue sea and swim with great white sharks or eat monkey brains like a scene out of Indiana Jones. Instead, we took them on a helicopter ride to participate in a guided yoga session at the top of a mountain in Kananaskis Country!

The day began with participants driving out to the Rocky Mountains in the new 2016 Ford Explorer. It had all the latest technologies and the drive was made much more enjoyable with the massaging seats feature. Who needs a day at the spa when you can have it all while you drive or ride along in a Ford Explorer?! The Explorer also featured the Foot-Activated Hands-Free Power Liftgate which automatically opens the trunk by simply kicking your foot under the bumper. I was completely blown away by such a thoughtful and innovative technology, proving that Ford really thinks of everything!

Robin 1

We found ourselves riding through a few Alberta dirt backroads, but it was nothing that the unstoppable Ford Explorer couldn’t handle!

Once we arrived at our destination, we were greeted by the friendly crew from Rockies Heli Canada. Robin proceeded to give an informative and inspiring presentation about his many experiences traveling around Canada and the world. Even with all the incredible things he has seen and done, Robin emphasized that the places you visit are only as good as the people you meet along the journey. Essentially, it is the interactions with people that truly shape your experiences and ultimately become cherished and unforgettable memories.

Robin 2

Robin Esrock telling stories of his many adventures across Canada

Rockies Heli Canada shuttled the participants to the top of a mountain on a thrilling helicopter ride. Once I planted my feet on firm ground on the mountain peak and inhaled the fresh air, I was enveloped by an overwhelming feeling of tranquility. Being completely surrounded by panoramic views of the Rockies and vast Alberta foothills is a sight I won’t soon forget. A yoga session soon followed where we had the opportunity to showcase our best downward facing dog. Trust me, it’s a lot tougher than it looks!

Robin 3

Does anyone else picture Arnold Schwarzenegger yelling “Get to the choppa!”

Robin 4

Preparing to do yoga while enjoying the breathtaking views

Robin 5

Perfect location to be one with nature!

This experience demonstrated the wonders that spending time on a secluded mountain can do for the mind and soul. To reiterate some of Robin’s teachings, bucket lists are meant to be unique as each individual has their own interests and aspirations. There is a wide misconception that bucket list items are supposed to be extreme, but that is definitely not the case. In essence, it is an activity or experience that should excite you, and even challenge you. It is when you try different things and are open to new possibilities that you learn more about the world around you, but more importantly, about yourself as well.

Robin 6

*Cue The Hobbit theme song*

I’d like to thank Ford of Canada, Robin Esrock and Rockies Heli Canada for such a memorable experience and the opportunity to ✓off an item from my bucket list!

Now tell me, what’s on YOUR bucket list?

Tammy BW Vertical

-Tammy Mandelbaum is an Assistant Account Specialist at Brookline Public Relations. Her expertise lies in media relations, event management, and content creation.