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FranWorks Makes for a Memorable Movember

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Well friends, Movember 2013 has officially wrapped, meaning it’s likely there are a few more clean upper lips walking our streets today.

Throughout November, men (dubbed “Mo-Bros”) everywhere united and grew moustaches as part of the Movember campaign to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer.

Long-time Brookline client FranWorks Group of Companies was eager to support the Movember cause, so they challenged staff and guests alike at all three of their restaurant and bar brands (Original Joe’s, State & Main, and Elephant & Castle) to help  raise funds and awareness.

Through a social media photo contest, they provided guests with a variety of custom coasters bearing real life moustaches, prompting guests to upload creative pictures using the moustache coaster. Hashtags were created for participants to use with their best ‘moustache coaster’ pictures on Twitter and Instagram. Guests submitted their photos using one of the hashtags and were eligible to win one of three grand prize trips for two anywhere the winner would like to go – up to a $2,500 value.

Original Joe’s – #JOESMOS

State & Main – #STATESTACHE

Elephant & Castle – #CASTLESTACHE

They received an outstanding response to the contest, with 1,044 Original Joe’s submissions, 449 from State & Main and 521 from Elephant & Castle. The total reach with the photo submissions was more than 501,000!

They also teamed up with Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum to raise funds for this hairy cause through the sale of 1oz Burt Reynolds shots – ½oz Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum and ½oz Butter Ripple Schnapps.  For the entire month of November, all locations sold the feature shot for $4, and 50 cents from all shot sales went to the Movember Foundation. Through this promotion, FranWorks raised $10,000.

They also challenged their staff to create teams, and in the spirit of a friendly competition, committed to matching the funds raised from the top fundraiser.  This resulted in another $3,000 towards the campaign.

We’d like to thank FranWorks and their wonderful staff and guests who jumped at the chance to be a part of this cause and refrained from shaving their faces for the month of November (or generously donated).

Thank you to all our Mo Bros and Mo Sistas who participated with furry pride, helped start conversations, and raised awareness – It’s for reasons like this we’re so proud of our amazing clients.

– Robyn MacLean

Launching Ol’ Blue Eyes Sinatra Select Whiskey into the Canadian market

Friday, December 6th, 2013

Brookline was hired by Jack Daniel’s, one of our favourite repeat clients this past November, to execute a media relations campaign throughout Western Canada promoting the launch of the special edition whiskey Sinatra Select, crafted in honour of the 50-year friendship between Frank Sinatra and Jack Daniel’s.

Destined to be remembered as one of the finest releases by Jack Daniel’s, this special edition Tennessee Whiskey has a smooth, bold character that is meant to embody the smooth, bold character of Sinatra himself.

So how did this legendary friendship begin?

Imagine this – Circa 1940, friends Jackie Gleason and Frank Sinatra were sitting together at a Manhattan bar.  Frank was sharing his troubles with Gleason – some say it was trouble with a woman – and he was in need of a “serious” drink.  It’s said Gleason turned to Sinatra and said – “Jack Daniel’s!  That’s a good place to start.”

And so it began. From that point on, Jack Daniel’s was never far from his side. Together they travelled the world, a man and his sour mash whiskey, 10 cases in every cargo hold beneath him, lest any foreign destination be without supply.  He drank it with three or four ice cubes, two fingers of Jack Daniel’s, the rest water, in a traditional rocks glass.

“This,” Frank would say, “is a gentleman’s drink.”

Jack Daniel’s can thank Frank for launching them into the public eye and into American culture.  In the 1950′s when Jack Daniel’s was an unknown whiskey, Frank stood onstage one night and said, “This is Jack Daniels, and it’s the nectar of the gods”. Jack Daniel’s doubled in sales the next year.

It’s widely reported that Frank Sinatra was buried with a roll of dimes, a package of Camel cigarettes and a bottle of Jack Daniel’s.  Jack Daniel’s salesmen and Sinatra’s friend Angelo Lucchesi even attended Sinatra’s funeral and sat with the family.

So to help commemorate Frank Sinatra and his favourite drink, we hosted two launch events in both Calgary and Vancouver in tribute to the legend himself. We brought guests back to a simpler time, where people enjoyed a good stiff drink, and dressed like they gave a damn. Welcome to Canada Sinatra Select!

– Robyn MacLean is an Account Executive at Brookline. She enjoys consumer/lifestyle public relations and is a passionate advocate for putting the Canadian culinary scene on the map to gain international recognition. In her spare time, she can be found snowboarding in the mountains most weekends and cooking for friends.

Haiti Bound

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

“A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships were built for.” – Grace Murray Hopper

In November I had the opportunity to join Paul Brandt and members of the Build It Forward Foundation team on a trip to Haiti, where projects with Haiti Outreach Ministries, supported by the Build It Forward Foundation, were officially dedicated in the community of Repatriote, near Port-Au-Prince.

I’ll admit, prior to visiting Haiti I knew only glimpses of the country, mostly seen through a television screen or in the newspaper – a place plagued by natural disasters that could never seem to catch a break.

Haiti surprised me in a number of ways, and like many great travels, the experience will continue to stay with me and shape my perspective.

Visiting Haiti gave me a new lens to peer through – past the signs of destruction and poverty, I saw smiles, opportunity and hope. Beyond the wild and noisy streets of Port-Au-Prince, I saw a dramatic countryside with burgeoning farms growing coffee, bananas, mangos and rice.

Haiti has a long way to go, but there are some great things happening.

The Build It Forward projects in Haiti were supported by a donation forwarded from the town of Slave Lake in the spirit of “building it forward” from Paul Brandt’s Up From The Ashes benefit concert that took place in 2011. While receiving support from Build It Forward for their own disaster, Slave Lake decided to share some of their proceeds with Haiti, who had suffered tragedy as well when an earthquake in 2010 ravaged the small country.

During our visit, we also ventured along wild, winding, mountain-climbing roads into Haiti’s rural areas with Rob Lehnert of Café Xaragua. Based in Calgary, Lehnert’s company is dedicated to helping to re-build Haiti’s coffee industry, one tree at a time.

Selling a rare and primitive coffee known as Arabic Typika, Café Xaragua sources its coffee directly from farmers in Haiti and is 100 per cent fairtrade certified. Better yet, they plant a coffee tree for every bag of coffee sold – every Xaragua coffee drinker has their own opportunity to build it forward.

I am grateful to Paul Brandt and the Build It Forward Foundation for the opportunity to take part in a very successful journey. The chance to meet some incredible “builders” on the ground who are tirelessly implementing their vision for a better Haiti is quite simply, inspiring.

– Paula Worthington is Vice President at Brookline Public Relations. She uses her fresh perspective and draws on her experience and skill set to deliver creative ideas and results-driven strategies for the agency and its clients.