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So You Want to Get Creative

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

I’m in the early stages of my public relations career, but I’ve come to realize that many people think creativity is reserved for the special few; the ones who have earned a degree in the arts, marketing or design.

While in school, you understand that the critiques you receive on your work are only to help you do better. Over the years, you begin to grow a thick skin. That’s not to say that the odd insult doesn’t sting, but you’re equipped to deal with it. However, your creative ideas come from a really personal place and when they are criticized; it’s an exceptionally hard pill to swallow. Creative confidence is a fragile thing.

When I was young, I might not have been able to produce the best drawings, maybe didn’t use the right colour scheme and rarely stayed inside the lines, but my parents would slap that crayon “work of art” on the fridge with pride. The creative ideas were there and that’s what really mattered. Creativity was nurtured and that allowed it to grow.

Interning at Brookline Public Relations has done wonders for my creative confidence. The ideas that come out of regular brainstorming sessions are some of the most imaginative and out-of-the-box thoughts I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of. What I love is that everyone is supported and encouraged to speak up. Creative ideas sprout from other creative ideas and the process is invigorating to witness.

Brookline strives to always “surprise and delight” both their clients and themselves in the work they do every day. Through this limitless vision, you are inspired to be bold and confident, which has allowed them to produce solid results for their array of clients time and time again. These are invaluable skills to develop as I enter the fast-paced world of public relations.

I’ve gained a great deal of knowledge throughout this four month crash course, from media relations and pitching to event and issues management. However, what I’m most excited to take away from my internship experience is the renewal of my creative confidence thanks to the very talented Brookline team.

– Lauren Barrie is an intern at Brookline Public Relations and is working towards earning a Bachelor of Communications with a Major in Public Relations from Mount Royal University. She is eager to pursue her passion within the consumer public relations sector and proudly brings her creative talent, energetic personality and strategic perspectives to her work at Brookline.

Ford License Plate Design Competition

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Brookline recently supported Ford Canada at the Calgary International Truck and Auto Show March –11, 2013. Brookline was tasked to find creative ways to generate excitement around Ford’s presence at the Auto Show.

In order to create buzz in Calgary, Ford put together a “Blue Party” leading up to the event where they invited key influencers, media and bloggers to sip on blue cocktails, get their nails painted blue and play video games. There was also a fashion show featuring 2013 spring/summer collections from The Bay as well as unveiling several 2013 Ford vehicles.

Brookline decided to challenge some prominent Calgarians and asked them to show off their creative flare by turning simple license plates into pieces of art at the event. We equipped eight local media, bloggers, and celebrities with Ford branded license plates and asked them to design an object of their choice.

All fully designed license plates were showcased at the Calgary Ford Blue Party where guests got the chance to vote for their favourite creative license plate. We knew we would get some great submissions but the creativity displayed by the participants was simply mind blowing. The art pieces varied from a hot air balloon, to a purse, to a bird house and a (functioning) clock.

Lisa Wolansky and Zoe Sanguinetti from Shaw TV were crowned winners of the License Plate Design Competition – their design was a “bedazzled” bird house.

The amount of time and thought behind each creation made Brookline proud to partner with such amazing participants.

Here are the pieces that were created for the Ford License Plate Competition:

Winner – Lisa Wolansky and Zoe Sanguinetti – Shaw TV (Bird House)

Fraser Tuff – X92.9 FM (Painting)

Vincent Law – Fashion Blogger and Fairchild reporter (License Plate)

Brooklyn Berry – Interior Designer and Blogger (Decoration Ball)

Kim Flanagan – Stylist and Blogger (Clutch)

Mr. Fabulous – Blogger (Clock)

Misty Hamel – Blogger (Purse)

Leslie Brooks – Blogger (Hot Air Balloon)

– Sophie Pilon is an Account Specialist at Brookline, and has broad public relations and communication experience within a variety of sectors, including consumer brands, tourism, sport, entertainment and not-for-profit. When not at Brookline, Sophie can be spotted on a mountain whether she is on skis, on a bike or in hiking boots.

BPR Student Open House 2013

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Brookline Public Relations recently held a Student Open House to welcome students from across the city to learn about life at a PR Agency. Take a look at our latest Vlog to see what some of our guests had to say!