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Finding Inspiration in Unlikely Places

Friday, March 29th, 2013

After busy spells at Brookline, I try to find new ways to stay fresh and creative.  I’m looking for a fresh attitude, fresh story ideas, and fresh inspiration so I can hit the ground running. Here are some less likely ways I find inspiration for creativity when I’ve hit a wall. Sometimes looking in the most unlikely of places will drum up surprisingly great ideas I can apply to my clients.

Snowboarding (or whatever your activity is – painting, bowling, crafts) – I’m an avid snowboarder, so it’s no secret that a large source of inspiration comes from those moments where I’m staring out in awe at our beautiful Rocky Mountains with the fresh air and fresh powder reinvigorating me(the awe and sense of wonder never goes away by the way).

Team brainstorms – This is a great lifeline. There’s nothing like bouncing ideas off of driven, creative co-workers to really get the juices flowing, after all, we’re all in this together!

Go to a gourmet or boutique grocery store – I love food and everything that goes with it. Cooking at the end of a stressful day is incredibly therapeutic for me. A gourmet grocery store is a real source of inspiration for me. I’m surrounded by amazing stimuli, visuals, and invigorating scents that trigger the senses in a way that hits the refresh button in my mind. So find something that invigorates your senses (I recommend the Silk Road, The Calgary Farmers Market, Sunterra Market and Billingsgate Seafood).

Go to the library – Remember, back before the internet took over, when people used to leisurely browse through aisles of books, snuggle into a chair with their top 10 picks, and get lost for hours? Do that. My mom is a strong believer in the therapeutic benefits a library can bring to the soul.  Regardless of the topic, reading and feeding your mind can spark the creative fire.

Call your mom – Speaking of moms, calling a family member is always a sure way to refresh the soul. No matter how old you get, or how successful you are in your career, mom will always be mom. She’s lived a lot of life, and has most likely been through a similar scenario and can lend wise words. A single conversation can give you enough food for the soul to bring back to the office.

Nostalgic Landmarks – Do you have a special place you went to as a child that holds fond memories? Maybe you used to have a family picnic at Bowness Park every Sunday, or you spent lazy days at MacKay’s ice cream shop in Cochrane. Looking back and reminiscing on happy times or the days that shaped the person you are today can bring you back to earth and provide focus.

Cruise Pinterest – Pintrest has recently emerged as a social media site for all things beautiful and inspirational. Sometimes I’ll explore all the imagery to help stimulate my creative senses, or quite literally search “Inspirational” boards. Whether the results make me laugh, cry, or reflect, it’s creative stimulation nonetheless.

Dreaming/sleeping – I’m about to let the cat out of the bag here. Most of the team here at Brookline keeps a notepad next to the bed, because why wouldn’t fantastic ideas come to us at 3 a.m. from the most unlikely (or strange) dreams? Write it down. Immediately.  Don’t put it off until morning, you will 100 per cent forget.

Sweat it out – Competition and exercise takes my mind to a whole new place, a more focused place in some cases. Sweating and physical exertion clears my head and brings surprisingly fresh ideas. I like to do this with dodgeball (and soon to be floor hockey with Brookliner Sophie Pilon). Running solo is also ideal for soul-searching and brainstorming.

People watching – Resist the urge to meet up with friends or play on your phone.   Dine by yourself, or find a park bench. Tune into your surroundings and take note of what’s around you instead of what’s going on in your day to day life.

We‘d love to hear from you! Where do you find your inspiration?

Robyn MacLean

– Robyn brings experience and knowledge to the agency in the areas of media relations, event management, technical and creative writing and editing, corporate communications, government relations and social media.


Monday, March 25th, 2013

Brookline recently helped Swimco to launch a series of blogger events throughout Calgary and Vancouver. Prominent bloggers from both cities were invited to Swimco stores to learn about the hottest vacation trends and packing tips to help make the most out of their upcoming vacation.

Each event welcomed guests with tropical themed canapés and cocktails and a selection of ‘vacation stations’ including nail bars, spray tans, and beach ready hair and makeup tutorials. Guests were then treated to a fashion show, highlighting this season’s trendiest swimwear looks.

Wrapping up the events, Swimco shared their expert packing tips for those travellers who aren’t quite sure just what to pack for their tropical vacations. We decided to share these packing tips with you to help you prep for your next vacation. Enjoy!

Packing for Paradise
Packing Rule #1 For attire, versatility is boss. If you can’t wear it on more than one occasion, don’t bring it.
Packing Rule #2 No matter the reason for your trip, it’s always a good idea to lay out your outfits before you start to fill your suitcase and decide what you’ll need and what you’ll wear with what. Remember the versatility rule, choose items you can wear with variety.
Packing Rule #3 Fold your clothes the retail way (or some people prefer to roll them) – this makes everything the same size so you get neat stacks.
Packing Rule #4 Avoid bulky clothing or items that take up a lot of room.
Packing Rule #5 Get yourself a double sided, zippered cosmetic travel bag that meets your needs. Always have it stocked with travel sizes of your facial routine, a small assortment of Q-tips, cotton balls, bobby pins, lip balm, etc. Restock when you’re unpacking and you’ll never have to worry about it.
Packing Rule #6 Take some time to check that all caps, lids, flip-tops are all securely closed, tightened or snapped shut. If it doesn’t snap or close tightly, you may have a mess to deal with.
Packing Rule #7 Use the pockets of your suitcase for things which don’t lie flat: swimsuits, crushable hats, underwear, bras, hairbrush, footwear and socks.
Packing Rule #8 Pack shoes last, sole up & wear your biggest shoes on the plane – you’ll save space in your luggage.
Packing Rule #9 Make the most of your carry-on. No one plans to lose their luggage but it can and does happen. Your carry-on is for the stuff you need until your luggage arrives: your swimsuit, electronic devices (cords & chargers too), any reading material or paperwork you may need for your trip, prescription medication, and if you wear contact lenses, keep your glasses & lens case in your carry-on.
Packing Rule #10 If you’re going to Europe or other spots abroad, remember you may need an electrical adapter.

– Alisha Samnani is an Account Executive at Brookline Public Relations and enhances the team with her strong social media, event management, media relations and corporate communications expertise. Alisha helps to manage and support a number of accounts with broad experience in hospitality and tourism, real estate, lifestyle and consumer PR.

“A Day in the Life” at Brookline Public Relations

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Do you want to find out what it’s REALLY like to work at a PR agency? Here’s your opportunity!

Apply for Brookline Public Relations’ “A Day in the Life” contest. You won’t be doing coffee runs or sorting the mail – you’ll have the opportunity to dig in and learn all aspects of agency life in a real setting.

We will provide one lucky applicant with the opportunity to spend a day learning the ropes of agency life at Brookline Public Relations.

Who can apply: The contest is open to post-secondary students and recent graduates (must have graduated in the past two years).

How to enter: Pitch us on why you should win “A Day in the Life” with the most creative tweet (remember 140 characters or less). Don’t have Twitter? Email it to or post it to our Facebook Page at

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