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5,900 hours at Brookline, and counting!

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

I recently celebrated my three year anniversary with Brookline (equating to an astounding approximate 5,900 working hours if my math skills are up to par), and it got me thinking about everything that I’ve been involved with since I started.

I remember interviewing for the internship position back in December 2008. I was nervous and excited, and also late due to my stellar sense of direction.  One of the team members asked me if I knew how to build a media list or an editorial calendar. I didn’t.  “You will soon,” she replied, laughing.

As soon as I started, a whole new world of media relations opened to me.  I leapt into different tasks with both feet and hit the ground running. Before I knew it four months had passed, but I wasn’t ready to leave. I stayed on part-time after the internship, and was hired on full-time upon graduation.

In the last three years I’ve been fortunate to work with an amazing team of powerful professionals on a wealth of proposals, communications plans and events including: the Business of Bliss event featuring Candace Bushnell, author of Sex and the City; the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure; franchise relations for several companies; Brookline’s Toast to Glamorous Women event; numerous product and company launches; Paul Brandt’s Build it Forward and Slave Lake Benefit concert; and the launch of the World Juniors theme song –  and that’s just to name a few!

I’ve grown as a professional communicator and learned a lot about event management, building and maintaining client and supplier relationships, creating strategic communications plans, utilizing social media and identifying solid media opportunities. I’ve also gained writing, editing, problem-solving, leadership and time management skills.

Agency life definitely demands a strong personality; someone who’s quick on their feet, enjoys a challenge and can multi-task like no other. But if you’re up for the challenge it’s extremely rewarding to be able to work through a company’s communications challenges and implement tactics and then witness the changes that you helped ignite; or to see a first-class event come together. And there’s certainly no better feeling than the satisfaction of knowing you did an amazing job, and of course having happy clients!

–       RH

Renee Hammill is an Account Executive at Brookline. She enjoys the dedicated group of passionate and creative professionals at Brookline, and delivering top quality work regardless of any challenges that arise.