“We Were There” for the debut of the 2012 World Junior Championships theme song – were YOU?

On November 16th Brookline was behind the scenes as Canadian country music artist Paul Brandt launched the official theme song for the 2012 World Juniors Championship at the CORE with hundreds of hockey fans and country music fans alike.

Paul Brandt sings to the crowd during the inaugural performance of “I Was There”.

With a 20 foot tall Team Canada jersey hanging from the ceiling, Puckster the mascot, and enthusiastic fans on three levels of the CORE, Paul performed “I Was There,” to an excited crowd for the first time exactly 40 days before the puck drops at the 2012 World Juniors.

“I Was There” is a hockey anthem that represents the passion and pride Canadians feel about our sport, and encompasses hockey memories from 5 a.m. practices to learning to skate as a 25-year-old Assistant Account Specialist (not naming any names.) Net  proceeds from all downloads of the song “I Was There” will be received by the Hockey Canada Foundation for their nationwide support of hockey for underprivileged kids. “I Was There” is available for download at www.paulbrandt.com and www.hockeycanada.ca/2012juniors and will be available on iTunes in mid-December.

Also in attendance was Jim Peplinksi, Co-Chair of the 2012 World Junior Championships who spoke at the event, and members of O2 The Dance Company who formed a hockey mob that danced their way through the crowd during Paul’s inaugural performance.

Jim Peplinski and Paul Brandt wave to hockey and country music fans at the CORE.

Brookline was excited to plan and execute logistics for the event, implement a collaborative social media outreach strategy with the World Juniors and Paul Brandt, and manage media relations for the song’s debut. Don’t forget to share your “I Was There” moments with us on Twitter using the #IWasThere hashtag.

The Brookline team.

-SG (Assistant Account Specialist)

6 Responses to ““We Were There” for the debut of the 2012 World Junior Championships theme song – were YOU?”

  1. Reanne says:

    Love Paul Brandt and loved being able to come down and see him. Thanks for putting this event together!

  2. Renee Hammill says:

    I’m sure you are awesome on a pair of skates!

  3. Steph says:

    We’re glad you were able to make it down and volunteer, Reanne! He’s fantastic live isn’t he?

  4. Steph says:

    Renee – I’m still learning but they have a gorgeous pair of pink laces on them. : )

  5. Kelly Proudfoot says:

    Wish I had of been Alberta Bound for this debut! Congratulations Team Brookline!

  6. asmith says:

    We wish you could have been here too!