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Is social media right for your organization?

Friday, September 30th, 2011

It’s no secret that social media is no longer a trend but often seen as a necessary business tool. Many organizations have jumped on the social media bandwagon because they feel ‘they have to’ or ‘because everyone else is doing it.’  However, what many organizations do not realize is that putting your name on a Facebook Page, Twitter Account or any other medium ties you to that information and if not properly managed, can actually work against you. But how do you know if social media is right for your organization? Here are some tips that can help you decide:

1.    Is the social media tool you are using targeting your audience?  If your audience is not active on the platform you choose or if you do not know how to reach them, take the time to research. Disseminating information is only effective if there is someone on the other end to receive it.

2.    Can you keep your accounts up- to- date? While it may be helpful to have your information distributed across various networks, if that information is inaccurate or not timely, you are only doing yourself a disservice. Social media applications can be a quick and easy way to find relevant information, so take the time to ensure the information you are transmitting is accurate.

3.    Is someone able to actively monitor your accounts? Creating a presence on social media is a commitment. Before you decide to sign up, consider if you have the resources to actively monitor your accounts. Anyone can post misinformation on page or tag you in something that may be detrimental to your business. It is your responsibility to monitor how your accounts are being portrayed to the general public.

4.    Are you engaging with your audience?  The organizations that benefit the most from social media are those that listen and engage. Is it definitely worthwhile to have a presence on social media but almost just as important to listen and respond to those who can directly impact your business. Use your social media tools to find out what is being said about your organization, what your audience is talking about, and interact with those who may be of interest.  The organizations that can create a dialogue with their followers often have a better chance of getting their message across.

5.    What you put out there stays out there. With the upcoming launch of Facebook Timeline (the newest Facebook feature that shares photos, posts, and events from the very first day you sign up) we are once again reminded that what you write about one day will definitely catch up to you the next. So be mindful of what you post, and ask yourself if in a couple of years from now, would your business stand behind that tweet, post, photo, blog, or video?

6.    Can you measure the effectiveness? Remember that social media is a tool and just like any other business tool it is important to measure if it is working for you. Platforms such as Facebook regularly provide users with weekly account updates. Take the time to review these reports or create a system that can measure your efficiency. Consistently monitoring your progress updates will let you know just how effective your social media presence is.


Re-opening of Catch & The Oyster Bar

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Brookline Public Relations helped Catch & The Oyster Bar re-open their doors to reveal a fresh new look and menu on Friday, September 23rd, 2011. The pearl of Stephen Avenue closed for a two month transformation and has returned to Calgary’s diverse culinary scene with a fresh “Catch”.

The newly renovated space is separated into two exciting venues that celebrate the restaurant’s historic location and award-winning menu offerings. The Oyster Bar (main level) has been refreshed to emphasize the energy and character of the popular raw bar. The new bar brings the oyster experience and show kitchen front and centre for guests, offering a more social, culinary interaction. Catch (upstairs) has moved away from its original formal dining room feel and has been converted into an urban loft-like seafood bistro. Guests can still expect the same excellent service, quality ingredients and fine cuisine it is known for, but with a new, exciting ambiance.

The Brookline team celebrated the re-opening with Calgary’s culinary media at a sneak-a-peek preview night before the grand re-opening. We sampled Executive Chef Kyle Groves’ delicious creations such as B.C. Kusshi oysters smoked tableside, scallop ceviche with lime caviar and lemon confit, and B.C. spot prawns poached in pinot gris. Yum yum.

Catch & The Oyster bar has also livened up their features, now offering a unique tableside martini service, an interactive LiveMenu, and bring your own wine (BYOW) Tuesdays.

The Brookline team will surely be back soon for a team lunch/dinner in The Oyster Bar because we’re shuckers for a good time!


Paul Brandt’s BUILD IT FORWARD Television Premiere Celebrated at Calgary Event

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Saturday, September 17th marked the television debut of Paul Brandt’s BUILD IT FORWARD on CMT Canada. Close to 400 supporters, partners and media gathered at the terrific event space at Willow Park Wine and Spirits to preview the first episode of the show. Guests were also treated to a live performance of the show’s theme song “Give It Away” and other songs by the show’s host, Paul Brandt.

Produced by Calgary’s own Corkscrew Media and Executive Producer Scott Henuset, BUILD IT FORWARD chronicles the emotional journey of seven separate families at risk of homelessness who will be receiving a new home. While the recipient family works first hand and receives the goodwill and grace of donations and volunteers in the creation of their new home, they are also required to “build it forward” by volunteering in their own community as well as travelling abroad to help build for others in need.

Don’t forget to tune in – Seven unique and inspiring hour-long episodes will air throughout the fall on CMT Canada.