The Life & Times of a Brookline Intern

Everyone in public relations knows the value of interning, and the incredible enhancement it provides… on their knowledge of the industry. And despite the urban myths of (triple shot, half-sweet, no foam, extra hot, double-cupped) coffee runs, endless filing and ridiculous hours, I have learned that is not the case at all, especially not at Brookline Public Relations (Brookline).

Today, I am taking advantage of this blog to share my experiences from the past few months as an intern at this trendy boutique agency.

The process of getting here seemed instant.

  • Wednesday:  Send resume to Brookline PR
  • Thursday:  Receive call to come in for first round of interviews
  • Friday:  Interview #1; receive call to come in for second interview
  • Monday:  Interview #2, with the entire team
  • Tuesday:  Offered (and instantly accepted, of course) internship position

I realized right away the thrilling pace in which a successful PR agency works, and I loved it.

Since then I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients on an even larger variety of projects. I have recognized the importance of the theory based knowledge I have received in school as well as the significance of applying this education in real-life situations.

I learned that “pitching” the media is not going into a board room with a pointer-stick and presentation board, that people will wait in line for pink pancakes no matter how hard it’s raining, and that when you send an email saying there is something attached, you should probably remember to attach it.

The high energy and fast-paced environment of agency life made my internship at Brookline even more valuable than I could have imagined. The people that I have met both in and out of the office have had an unbelievable impact on my outlook on public relations and have shown me the success that accompanies hard work. I too, now know the importance of internships and appreciate the chance to gain real life experience. It has been incredibly inspiring and I cannot wait to pursue this powerful profession.


One Response to “The Life & Times of a Brookline Intern”

  1. Mallory,

    You are definitely an asset to the Brookline team. Your hard work and determination never goes unnoticed. Congratulations on completing such a successful internship!