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Calgary-based 9D International seeks to rebuild homes destroyed in Chile quake

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

This past Friday Brookline had the opportunity to witness how a Calgary-based company is making a positive change around the globe by offering affordable and safe housing system solutions.

Founder of 9D International Michael Readwin has been developing and building affordable housing solutions for more than 12 years. His proven technology recently captured the attention of the Chilean government as his structures are earthquake and termite proof; hurricane, tsunami and fire resistant; and are energy efficient and affordable, requiring little to no maintenance.

Mr. Readwin is seeking to help rebuild 220,000 homes that were destroyed in the Chile earthquake. On Friday several Chilean delegates traveled to Canada for the first-time to witness a series of live demonstrations on the 9D foundation system, house assembly and fire proofing. Brookline was brought on board to help with the event logistics leading up to the event, to ensure the demonstrations ran smoothly, and to peak the media’s interest.

The event was a huge success gaining media coverage from print, online and television outlets, and everyone in attendance was impressed with the leading edge technologies that 9D International has to offer.


The Life & Times of a Brookline Intern

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Everyone in public relations knows the value of interning, and the incredible enhancement it provides… on their knowledge of the industry. And despite the urban myths of (triple shot, half-sweet, no foam, extra hot, double-cupped) coffee runs, endless filing and ridiculous hours, I have learned that is not the case at all, especially not at Brookline Public Relations (Brookline).

Today, I am taking advantage of this blog to share my experiences from the past few months as an intern at this trendy boutique agency.

The process of getting here seemed instant.

  • Wednesday:  Send resume to Brookline PR
  • Thursday:  Receive call to come in for first round of interviews
  • Friday:  Interview #1; receive call to come in for second interview
  • Monday:  Interview #2, with the entire team
  • Tuesday:  Offered (and instantly accepted, of course) internship position

I realized right away the thrilling pace in which a successful PR agency works, and I loved it.

Since then I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients on an even larger variety of projects. I have recognized the importance of the theory based knowledge I have received in school as well as the significance of applying this education in real-life situations.

I learned that “pitching” the media is not going into a board room with a pointer-stick and presentation board, that people will wait in line for pink pancakes no matter how hard it’s raining, and that when you send an email saying there is something attached, you should probably remember to attach it.

The high energy and fast-paced environment of agency life made my internship at Brookline even more valuable than I could have imagined. The people that I have met both in and out of the office have had an unbelievable impact on my outlook on public relations and have shown me the success that accompanies hard work. I too, now know the importance of internships and appreciate the chance to gain real life experience. It has been incredibly inspiring and I cannot wait to pursue this powerful profession.


The Calgary Stampede – Behind the Scenes

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

A public relations perspective on event planning:

While most Calgarians are busy during Stampede attending the rodeo, chuck wagon races, pancake breakfasts, BBQs, and many other social events, they don’t often think about the work that goes into planning these important events.

During Stampede 2011, I had the opportunity to both plan, and attend various events. Planning a Stampede event allowed me to appreciate the time, energy, and effort that is spent to help make Calgary such an amazing place to be during this exciting time of year.

The city buzzes with a palpable energy during July which is unmistakable. This energy is fuelled by the busy event-planners coming together to make it all happen!

For example, Brookline organized the “Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do” sculpture event on behalf of the Calgary Stampede. To the guests, this was a simple, yet exciting Stampede luncheon welcoming eight epic horse sculptures to their new home at the courthouse park in downtown Calgary.

However, leading up to the event, behind the scenes at Brookline, there was a wealth of planning and execution with many different elements, stakeholders, resources, and of course an obsession with checking the Farmers’ Almanac for the weather forecast!

Being part of the team for this event made me truly appreciate various other Stampede events I attended. On Saturday, July 9th, I had the opportunity to attend Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Annual Stampede BBQ at Heritage Park. The event, with over 500 attendees, was extremely well planned and executed.

There are hundreds of great events taking place during Stampede. From an event planning perspective, it’s fascinating to consider all the time, patience, and resources dedicated to making Calgary’s soon to be 100 year old tradition an annual success.

Event Planning Quick Tips:

  1. Always have a stocked event planning kit on site complete with items such as scissors, tape, paper, pens, highlighters, a small first aid kit, clipboards etc.
  2. Always arrive several hours in advance of your event to try and avoid last-minute running around. Also consider arranging an event site visits prior to your event date to inspect the area, plan, walk around, and get a sense of the logistic of your event day.
  3. If you are hosting an outdoor event and are hoping for nice weather, always have a tent booked and other equipment such as ponchos or umbrellas on hand for guests. You can’t control the weather, but you can control how much guests enjoy your event.
  4. For formal events, be sure that guests, media, and VIPs are personally greeted.
  5. Keep a close eye on your budget. Always build in a reasonable contingency for the unexpected.
  6. Keep calm and carry on. Even if things are hectic behind the scenes don’t let on to your client or guests. If you can hold it together, your event will often appear flawless to guests, even if there are some internal glitches – there always are!