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Explaining Public Relations to a Non-Public Relations Audience

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

It’s surprising in this day and age of instant communication and social media, that such a large population of the general public still has no understanding of what public relations is, or what a public relations practitioner does.

As public relations practitioners, we’ve all experienced difficulty when attempting to describe what we do for a living, and we so often get that blank stare in return. Many of us have had people say, “So, you’re like, an event planner?” or “Are you like Samantha Jones?”

Despite the fact that the majority of companies out there require public relations strategies, they still struggle to understand PR services and why they are valuable. We as practitioners know that if properly executed, public relations can be crucial to the success of any organization.

I believe it’s a challenge to find a concrete answer due to the fact that the public relations landscape changes so quickly that it challenges our strategies, tactics, and overall practices. How can we even begin to explain what we do when what we do is constantly changing? Not to mention so much of what we carryout is in the background, out of the spotlight.

The field is incredibly broad, with many diverse functions, so how do we turn that into an elevator speech? How do we explain our profession to a non-public relations audience?

For those of you out there just starting out in the field, or for you students attempting to explain to your family and friends what it is that you’re studying, try one of the following elevator speeches collected from the team members at Brookline. These will come in handy when you’re in a loud bar, at the family picnic explaining your profession to nana, chatting to the person next to you on a flight, or even in a job interview.

Here is what the Brookline team had to say:

We are story tellers. We build awareness, generate news, and build relationships and goodwill, all for our clients.


We write, we research, and we connect people and information.

We get you in the news when you want in, and out when you want out.

Public relations is a marriage of various aspects of journalism, marketing, advertising, issues management and event planning depending on what the client’s goals and objectives are.

Internally, we equip clients’ employees with key messaging, allowing them to be positive ambassadors of the company.

We create awareness for our clients and their brands using traditional media channels (newspapers, magazines, trades, television, radio) and modern (social media – twitter, blogs, Facebook). We create a conversation about our clients – something newsworthy that makes journalists want to write about them.

We work to create and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship by providing an open flow of transparent communication between an organization and their public.

We manage the image of our clients through strategic communication with media outlets like newspapers and television, other organizations, and internally with employees.

We help organizations communicate their vision and corporate strategies to key stakeholders in a timely and efficient way.

Send us your elevator speech. We’d love to hear it in your words.


Gas & Oil Expo and Conference 2011 (Calgary, AB)

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Brookline Public Relations was honoured to once again manage the media relations for the 2011 Gas & Oil Expo and Conference (formerly known as GO-EXPO: Gas and Oil Exposition) and Official Press Office. The bi-annual event welcomed over 23,000 oil and gas professionals from across North America to Calgary Stampede Park from June 7-9.

This year’s Expo and Conference examined business strategies and technical challenges faced by the oil and gas industry. The event featured an indoor and outdoor exhibition area with over 500 companies showcasing emerging technologies, products and services. The largest energy gathering of 2011, the Gas & Oil Expo and Conference also welcomed world-renowned keynote speakers, David Jacobson, United States Ambassador to Canada and Ezra Levant, author of the award-winning book, Ethical Oil.

In addition, the Global Career Exposition held in conjunction with Gas & Oil Expo and Conference 2011 attracted nearly 6,000 registered attendees to learn about recruitment opportunities with companies such as ConocoPhillips, Shell, Devon, Nexen, and more. 


Original Joe’s customers enjoy a pint for a cause over the May Long weekend

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

In response to the devastating fires in Slave Lake that took place in May, Original Joe’s demonstrated their commitment to community by developing an initiative which helped them to raise $13,756 over the May Long weekend.

Beginning on Friday, May 20 and running through until Monday night, May 23, one dollar from each Original Joe’s draught pint sold was donated to the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Fire Response. OJ’s happily took advantage of one of the busiest weekends of the year to support the relief and the families in need.

The weekend initiative proved to be highly effective and especially beneficial as Original Joe’s were able to present Canadian Red Cross with a substantial donation. They expressed their thanks to all of their customers for coming out and enjoying a pint for a great cause.