Become an Ace at Networking

Become an Ace at Networking

The key to becoming an ace at networking is to build lasting relationships. Through meaningful conversations, you can leave a memorable impression on others and build your overall contact base.

Don’t be afraid to pose open-ended questions that will lead to interesting and quality dialogue – Think about having “good” conversations. 

Below are three helpful tips to build your networking skills:

1.     Get Out Frequently

Making frequent appearances at networking events will strengthen your business profile within your industry and build your confidence. Your face and business will become more and more recognizable.

2.     Listening Ears On

Networking is about being genuine and being a good listener. Having an authentic conversation with a new contact allows both parties to contextualize themselves. Remembering partners’ and childrens’ names can go a long way.

3.     Follow Through

Get in touch with your new contact shortly after meeting by sending a friendly e-mail or thank you note. This will keep your name and business on their radar for future business and networking opportunities.

Networking is unique to each professional. What are your networking secrets? Let us know.


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