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Become an Ace at Networking

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Become an Ace at Networking

The key to becoming an ace at networking is to build lasting relationships. Through meaningful conversations, you can leave a memorable impression on others and build your overall contact base.

Don’t be afraid to pose open-ended questions that will lead to interesting and quality dialogue – Think about having “good” conversations. 

Below are three helpful tips to build your networking skills:

1.     Get Out Frequently

Making frequent appearances at networking events will strengthen your business profile within your industry and build your confidence. Your face and business will become more and more recognizable.

2.     Listening Ears On

Networking is about being genuine and being a good listener. Having an authentic conversation with a new contact allows both parties to contextualize themselves. Remembering partners’ and childrens’ names can go a long way.

3.     Follow Through

Get in touch with your new contact shortly after meeting by sending a friendly e-mail or thank you note. This will keep your name and business on their radar for future business and networking opportunities.

Networking is unique to each professional. What are your networking secrets? Let us know.


Edo Japan Names Brookline Public Relations Agency of Record

Thursday, April 28th, 2011


Edo Japan Names Brookline Public Relations Agency of Record

Calgary, Alberta – April 28, 2011 – Calgary-based Edo Japan today announced it has selected Brookline Public Relations as its public relations agency of record to further build its brand in Canada.

“Edo Japan has been growing rapidly, and with some exciting milestones on the horizon we couldn’t think of a better time to partner with a public relations company to help build our brand awareness in Canada,” said Tom Donaldson, President & CEO of Edo Japan. “Brookline Public Relations’ experience in franchise relations, their tight-knit relationships with local and regional media, and their fresh and creative approach made them a natural fit for our company.”

With respect to the new partnership, Shauna MacDonald, Founder of Brookline Public Relations said, “After several meetings with Edo Japan, we have developed an all-encompassing public relations strategy for the remainder of 2011 that will showcase Edo Japan’s accomplishments and help position them as Canada’s best quick service restaurant choice.”

Edo Japan currently has more than 90 restaurants across Canada and continues to grow. Known for their sweet Teriyaki sauce and delicious food prepared in a traditional Teppan-Style, Edo Japan has proven popular with customers serving more than seven million meals annually, and has become a delicious, healthy and fresh alternative for Canadian consumers.

Brookline will coordinate ongoing public relations efforts for Edo Japan including event management, media relations, issues management, award opportunities and more.

BUILD IT FORWARD participants express their gratitude at Home Dedication ceremony

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

BUILD IT FORWARD participants express their gratitude at Home Dedication ceremony

To honour the families, volunteers and sponsors of Paul Brandt’s BUILD IT FORWARD, Habitat for Humanity Calgaryhosted a Home Dedication ceremony for two of the recipient families last Wednesday.

It was an was an emotional and rewarding event as Paul Brandt, Habitat for Humanity, and the families each took turns speaking about how this journey has changed their lives for the better, thanking all of the sponsors and volunteers for their hard work and dedication.

The inspiring and passion-filled family stories will be revealed in their entirety over the course of the documentary series which is scheduled to air on CMT in mid-August.  

Brookline, who has been supporting with media relations for the series since the production launch, will be tuning in to see the final product (including the overseas home builds) and we encourage you to do the same!