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Brookline’s Amazing Race

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Each month at Brookline we take an afternoon to do a fun team building activity together, which can range from horseback riding to bracelet making. We’re usually up for anything, which Shauna must have had in mind when she set out to devise an “Amazing Race” course for our Fun Day on Wednesday, July 28th. Lucky for us we have a fantastic network of clients and suppliers who were willing to lend a hand and act as “pit stops” throughout the race. Some even had to endure our terrible singing voices!

We were split into three teams, identifiable by our red, white or black bandanas, and sent racing out the door with the first clue in hand. Team Red quickly pulled into the lead, with Team Black hot on their heels. The clues had us sorting spices at Jack of Hearts café, then chicken dancing at Original Joe’s on 4th, followed by trivia at Nonfiction Studios, and even a stop by the Sandstone Lounge at the Hyatt for a yummy beverage. The hydration was helpful in preparing for the next task, which was singing the national anthem at Rodinia Oil. Many apologies to all of their staff. From there, we dropped by dmg events and answered a riddle, then headed over to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation where we donned pink tutus and feather boas.

With the final clue, we knew it was the home stretch. It read, “Where is Shauna’s favourite place to dine?” Brava Bistro of course! Team Red sprinted to the finish, just in front of Team Black. Team White had some difficulties, but promptly joined as soon as they heard there was food and refreshments.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped out with our Amazing Race, we had a blast!

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Calgary’s Seoulful appeal leads to increased flights to Korea

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

On Tuesday, July 27 the Calgary Airport Authority celebrated the launch of its seasonal non-stop service between Seoul/Incheon and Calgary International Airport (YYC) to meet the demand for summer visitors. The event included a ribbon-cutting ceremony, and Calgary Mayor Dave Bronconnier was in attendance to “White Hat” Mr. John Jackson, Marketing Manager for Korean Air.  Brookline Public Relations Inc. (Brookline) was hired to secure media attention surrounding the announcement, and was successful in securing media interviews leading up to the event, as well as coordinating several interviews on site.