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When two co-founders of SkipTheDishes decided to launch Neo Financial, a new, modern, and seamless way for Canadians to spend and save, Brookline helped amplify the roll out of its media and influencer strategies across the country. With many players emerging in the fintech space, it was important to stand out and find ways to penetrate harder-to-reach markets from east to west. Brookline played to Neo’s strengths as a unique, Prairies-based, and locally focused banking platform and encouraged early interest in getting on the waitlist for the all-in-one credit card, savings account and rewards program.

Launching in Calgary as its pilot market, Brookline secured early placement in major traditional and trade publications such as The Globe and Mail, published op-eds in market-specific outlets such as The Calgary Herald, and booked podcast interviews on local and regional channels. When launch approached, Brookline developed a comprehensive influencer program to help spread awareness about Neo Financial among target audiences. Brookline was pleased to lead the media and influencer launch strategy framework for Neo Financial ahead of its rollout in other cities across Canada as they garner hundreds of more brands and local stores.