Service Offerings


Brookline has partnered with Ford of Canada (Ford) since 2013 to provide public relations support on a variety of initiatives in southern Alberta. Brookline provides ongoing dealer, fleet, and media and influencer marketing support, as well as event management and traditional media relations throughout the year.

Some key initiatives that Brookline supports are the annual Calgary International Truck and Auto Show where the agency coordinates exclusive media events and manages media interview requests to showcase Ford’s newest vehicle lineup and highlight its advanced technology. Brookline also regularly works with top influencers to maximize Ford’s social media presence by coordinating curated vehicle familiarization trips to increase brand awareness across digital platforms. In addition, Brookline provides support to local dealers, pitches community and thought leadership stories to the media, and regularly partners with police services across southern Alberta on safety campaigns.


77,300,000 +
Media impressions (2014 to present)