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Brookline is proud to work with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary and area to promote its annual All-Star for Kids fundraising campaign to support mentoring programs for children and youth facing adversity. Brookline was specifically tasked with addressing the new challenges of 2020, given the COVID-19 outbreak and limited opportunities to host fundraising events, as well as challenges from previous years to increase fundraising dollars and encourage continuous engagement from the All-Stars.

Brookline provided strategic recommendations on broadening campaign influencers to include media, social and city personalities. The agency ensured ongoing communications management with All-Stars and influencers; proactively pitched media on the fundraising efforts and goals; executed a socially-distant and virtual media launch event; coordinated a digital media ad buy and developed social media strategies for both Big Brothers Big Sisters and All-Stars’ social media accounts to maximize fundraising outcomes.

In light of the pandemic, this year presented new challenges for Big Brothers Big Sisters in their fundraising efforts. Due to social distancing protocols, a traditional launch was no longer possible and an adjustment to rely on digital marketing and communications tactics were required. 

The results of Brookline’s media relations, influencer engagement and digital marketing and communications campaign lead to Big Brothers Big Sisters exceeding its goal of $250,000 by raising more than $280,180. Through Brookline’s support with solid strategic content development and the agility to adjust traditional tactics to digital platforms allowed Big Brothers Big Sisters’ to see donation goals surpassed despite a tough economic year.