Service Offerings


Brookline supports Pomeroy Lodging in generating awareness for multiple unique properties and hospitality offerings across Western Canada. Since 2018, The Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge and Nordic Spa (the Spa) has been delivering rejuvenating hydrotherapy in a unique alpine setting to guests from Alberta, across Canada and around the world seven days a week — winter, spring, summer and fall. To raise awareness for the Spa, Brookline conducts ongoing proactive media relations to showcase the best of what the property has to offer. Recently, Brookline began organizing seasonal private events to allow content creators to capture a unique experience of its rejuvenating hydrotherapy.

The Spa, which is typically a camera and phone-free space, is closed to the public and opened exclusively to select top-tier media and influencers to capture photos and videos in the stunning pools, saunas, steam rooms and more. Several unique experiences are offered to guests, such as samples of the seasonal menu from the Spa restaurant and gifted branded swag as special keepsakes. Brookline provides attendees with story angles, hashtags, handles and supports the capturing of content, ensuring that members of the Spa team are available to interact with guests and answer any questions.

The exclusive event successfully showcases the Spa experience from the customer’s perspective in an authentic and engaging way, reaching audiences in several regional markets and across multiple channels, particularly Facebook and Instagram. The events yield strong impressions and result in high-quality, user-generated content that is repurposed by the Lodge and Spa across their social media channels, to encourage visitation and for guests to brave the elements no matter the season.