Service Offerings


Brookline had the pleasure of working with OEG Inc. (formally Oilers Entertainment Group) for the 2019/2020 season to help support on special event programming and charity initiatives executed through the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation (EOCF). 


Predominantly through media relations and events, Brookline helped garner awareness for a number of EOCF initiatives to help drive ticket sales, fan engagement, and ultimately, donations for the foundation. Through the development of a variety of communications materials such as news releases and media advisories, Brookline highlighted EOCF’s contributions to the community and profiled its commitment to enriching lives through community groups and minor hockey programming. 

Additionally, Brookline developed a comprehensive communications plan to support EOCF’s 2020 mandate to guide programming and funding for the year. Brookline also managed OEG’s employee intranet, developing and posting content for internal communications to engage and inform employees of various events, news, activities and more.

Brookline was able to provide support for more than 20 initiatives throughout the season. Through strategic relationships with Edmonton media, Brookline was able to secure top-tier coverage to enhance ECOF’s visibility leading to an unprecedented year of funding for the organization.