Wendy Agudelo

Disruptive brand evangelist, retired journalist, kindness ambassador

Hailing from the hometown of Brookline Public Relations’ namesake, Boston, Wendy’s Public Relations career began in Silicon Valley’s technology corridor and evolved within Boston’s 495 beltway. Her innovative communications strategies helped a Kickstarter-backed company achieve 200 per cent above goal funding, and landed clients as guests on national daytime (TODAY, Kelly Clarkson, Good Morning America) and evening (NBC Nightly News, CNBC, CNN) news programs. Wendy has also earned public relations accolades for campaigns including Verizon Wireless’ “Can you hear me now…good!” Test Man campaign and Lasagna Love, a viral community impact movement supported by more than 45,000 volunteers across all 50 states in America, Australia, and Canada. A natural born storyteller, Wendy is also an award-winning journalist, whose broad-reaching voice on inclusion and special needs topics, helped bridge editorial content and the underserved special needs community.

When not collaborating with disruptive brands and Brookline’s talented team of communicators, Wendy can be found in her kitchen whipping up seasonal New England favorites like clam chowder and whoopie pies, or outdoors discovering hidden gems and hiking trails with her family.

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