Bret Crowle

With a professional portfolio spanning crisis communications and reputation management to community engagement planning and strategic campaign building, Bret brings a variety of experience to the Brookline team. Coupled with in-depth experience working in the municipal government and non-profit sectors, Bret provides solid expertise and hands on knowledge to her clients.  

Always one to jump into the action, Bret is keen to take a creative approach (she attributes this to being an artist) to tackle challenges. She is committed to providing both tangible solutions and results for identified communications needs, no matter the ask. An avid storyteller and hand-talker, Bret is passionate about building authentic connections with team members and clients to ensure that all perspectives are not only conveyed, but also heard. When not on the job, Bret can be found turning everything into a song, plunking on her piano and writing poetry.

PR Superpower

X-Ray Editing Vision – From comma splices to those pesky extra spaces that slip into copy, Bret can comb through and pick out the smallest mistakes!

Three descriptor words

Research aficionado, Published poetess, Office playlist curator