Angie Cuero

Relationship wizard, Adaptable Communicator, Cultural Explorer

Angie is a dedicated public relations student at Mount Royal University. With a strong foundation in content creation, stakeholder relations, and community engagement, Angie brings valuable experience to the team. Angie has had the privilege of working in both the non-profit and Indigenous consulting sectors. This diverse background has allowed her to develop strong communication and strategic thinking skills.

Angie’s passion lies in connecting with others to build meaningful relationships that create positive impacts and achieve success in any endeavor. She is thrilled to apply her skills and experience to build strong client connections and drive positive change in her future work. This exciting opportunity promises to be a dynamic learning experience, allowing her to enhance her skills, expand her industry insights, and make a real difference in Brookline’s clients’ journeys.

PR Superpower: Team Player 🌟 – Making the impossible possible, together!