Our Approach

Brookline listens.

We listen to your needs before assessing the skills and expertise you require to achieve what you want. Whether your goal is to enhance your profile in the market, develop your brand, or create a compelling message, we can assist with achieving results.

Public relations is about building awareness and credibility through strategic communications management and marketing. Brookline Public Relations offers a fresh approach to all your communications needs.

We understand that the public's perception of you and your company can affect your bottom line; credibility and reputation can make or break any company. We offer a variety of strategic public relations services to manage your communications needs while meeting your business goals and objectives.

Our team brings an array of experience from diverse backgrounds and industries, and we are ready to share our ideas, knowledge and expertise with you.

Our Services

    Media Relations

    The media can be a powerful tool to relay your message.

    Brookline Public Relations works on your behalf with the media to ensure your story is targeted, credible and reaches your key audiences. Brookline has developed strong relationships with reporters, editors, producers, and bloggers. The media knows Brookline can provide answers to questions and access to key information and company spokespeople. We also ensure you are well prepared and comfortable to deal with the media in the event of both proactive and reactive interviews.

    Services we offer:

    • Media Training – General and Crisis
    • Press Releases and Media Advisories
    • Blogger Engagement
    • By-lined articles and editorial pieces
    • Story Pitching and Placement
    • Media Monitoring and Measurement
    • Media Tour Coordination and Logistics
    • On-site Interview Coaching

    Social Media

    Harness the power of social media to gain brand advantage.

    As virtual communication and "citizen journalism" moves to the forefront of business dialogue, our clients look to Brookline Public Relations to connect them to the power of social media for their business and to gain brand advantage. We develop robust, creative and award-winning social media programs that garner measurable results within the ever-expanding social networking space.

    Ultimately, social media and traditional communications tools work hand-in-hand; at Brookline, we ensure these synergies are achieved through comprehensive communications planning and relentless execution, which create a complete social media experience for our clients and their online target audiences. At Brookline, we combine what people like about your brand with what people are talking about on social media to find the social sweet spot where what your brand is about and what people actually want to talk about intersect.

    Services we offer:

    • Social Media Campaign Strategies
    • Social Media Program(s) Planning and Development
    • Social Media Press Releases
    • Content Calendars
    • Blog Management
    • Real-time Social Media Monitoring

    Corporate Communications

    How well does your organization communicate?

    Brookline Public Relations works with you to establish and maintain the fundamental relationships that give your organization the advantage it needs to stand out in the crowd. We create programs that generate and maintain understanding between you and your employees, shareholders and key audiences. From message development to positioning to employee relations, we can help boost your credibility and reputation with those who have a stake in your company.

    Brookline can establish a full communications program for your company from start to finish or work with you on a customized program. We will assess where you are now, where you want to be, and how you will get there.

    Services we offer:

    • Communications Audits
    • Employee Communications
    • Business-to-Business Communications
    • Internal/External Communications Plans
    • Financial Communications
    • Executive Speakers’ Programs
    • Executive Thought Leadership Programs

    Crisis Communications & Issues Management

    A crisis might be unanticipated, but it should never be unexpected.

    At some point, every organization will confront a crisis or issue that has the potential to seriously damage its internal and external reputation. Brookline Public Relations works with you to assemble the appropriate crisis response and spokesperson team for your company to best handle possible media scrutiny. We are also skilled at designing communications approaches and training programs that allow management to align issues with potential audiences and to construct appropriate monitoring and management techniques.

    Services we offer:

    • Audit and analysis of current crisis communications and issues management needs
    • Tailored crisis communications response plans
    • Issues management process models
    • Media training for key spokespeople for potential crisis and issues management events
    • Strategic communications guidance and support during emergency responses
    • Tactical guidance on the use of various strategies
    • Mock crisis scenario exercises

    Digital Media & Influencer Engagement

    Create a lasting impact with your digital footprint; amplify that impact with the support of social influencers.

    Brookline empowers clients with integrated digital strategies to complement social media efforts and influencer engagement. Digital advertising, marketing and engagement come together to offer our clients a well-rounded approach to digital strategy, while simultaneously ensuring they remain effective over time.

    Engaging key influencers creates an opportunity to build meaningful discussion and awareness in a digital setting. Brookline works with influencers to establish a trusted connection with your brand that can lead to long-lasting partnerships and ongoing brand endorsement.

    Our digital savvy sets us apart and we’re always on top of the next new thing when it comes to building a space for our clients in the digital world.

    Services we offer:

    • Integrated Digital Campaign Strategies
    • Digital Program(s) Planning and Development
    • Influencer Relations and Engagement
    • Digital Marketing/Advertising
    • Blogger and Digital Media Partnerships

    Integrated Marketing

    Marketing helps you stand out from the crowd.

    We combine marketing and public relations to make the ultimate marketing communications mix, a tour-de-force blend for a company looking to increase its profile or bottom line.

    Brookline Public Relations manages your marketing needs by researching, planning, executing and evaluating the strategies and tactics your company needs to meet your business goals and objectives. Whatever your needs are, Brookline can craft a creative, meaningful and targeted program to put you, your product and/or your company in the public eye and make sure it stays there.

    Services we offer:

    • Branding Strategies
    • Logo development
    • Website Content Writing
    • Online Communications
    • Creative Design and Collateral
    • Tradeshow Coordination
    • Awards Programs
    • Product and Company Launches/Collateral
    • Media buying
    • Advertising Campaigns

    Creative Design & Identity

    You share your ideas. We design your vision.

    Our penchant for writing and aptitude for design go hand-in-hand. At Brookline we’ll help you captivate your audience with visually stunning creative design work. We will help you visualize it, mold it, craft it, and create it.

    Brookline crafts tailored, intentional design to bring your brand to life across a range of mediums, including digital and print. We are creators, but ultimately your partners, taking the time to get to know your business, your audiences, your industry and your goals, so that our work is more than visually appealing – it’s powerful.

    Let’s create!

    Services we offer:

    • Logo and brand design
    • Website design
    • Advertising design (print or digital)
    • Marketing collateral development
    • Annual report development
    • Digital design
    • Social media templates and design
    • Print design

    Event Management

    Creating memorable, engaging events with impact.

    Whether you are planning a media conference for 50 people or an event for 15,000 people, Brookline Public Relations delivers a high level of detail and ensures your event is a success. Brookline's event specialists manage every step of the project. We are able to work with you to develop a detailed event outline for projects big or small. We have the knowledge and expertise to support large scale public events, conferences, galas, annual general meetings, corporate events and much more.

    Services we offer:

    • Creative concept development
    • Strategic marketing communications
    • Event logistics and execution
    • Scheduling and follow through
    • Contract negotiation
    • Vendor management

    Our Awards

    Brookline Public Relations is humbled to be recognized locally, regionally and nationally for our outstanding PR campaigns and communications strategies. These awards and accolades include:


    Shauna MacDonald, Principal of Brookline PR Top 40 Under 40 September 2008


    Gold for PR, Gold for Websites & Best of Show Servus Credit Union June 2008
    In the Airline Business - if a flight departs without a guest in the seat then that revenue is never recovered - the commodity spoils. At WestJet we manage our revenue and costs very closely due to the nature of the business and what I really appreciate about Brookline Public Relations is their ability to understand our situation. - Sean Durfy, Executive Vice President, WestJet
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