Kennedy Bailey

Adaptable, always up for a challenge, plant mom

Kennedy is a third-year student in the esteemed PR program at Mount Royal University. She has a love for storytelling and branding that began while blogging and competing as a bobsleigh pilot. Before joining the Brookline team, Kennedy interned at Canada’s leading ticketing and event software company where she developed a skill set in the tech start-up industry. During the summer of 2020, she had her first taste of earned media when she secured international media attention for a COVID-friendly hotel balcony concert. Much like her experience in bobsleigh, Kennedy is a dedicated team player, thrives in a fast-paced environment and is always up for some friendly competition. She is also known for her ability to bring lighthearted humor to any room.

PR Superpower: Malleability – able to adapt quickly and switch gears at a moments notice.