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A Look Back in Heels

Friday, January 30th, 2015

January has been such a whirlwind month at Brookline that we are beginning to question whether or not 2014 really was just a month ago. As we look forward to 2015 at the agency, it is always great to look back and reflect.

2014 was a milestone year for Brookline – it marked our 10 year anniversary, and what an amazing year it was. Some may even say it celebrated #10yearsofhappy…

Both long standing clients and new clients walked through the agency’s doors in 2014 and we relished in all the projects that came our way. The year was full of memorable moments from opening the largest runway in Canada to working with sports teams such as the Edmonton Oilers, and everything in between. We launched coveted global hotel brands, celebrated a decade with one of Calgary’s preeminent steak restaurants and welcomed two new airlines to the city. As Alberta continues to evolve, we have predicted economic outlooks with one of Canada’s most sought after economists and engaged Albertans in fraud prevention. Memorable? Absolutely.

Looking back over 10 years of business, I am so proud of the team we have built, the clients we have been so lucky to work with and the partners and colleagues who have helped us to deliver stellar results and execute flawless and fierce public relations campaigns.

2015 has some big Jimmy Choos to fill, but I have no doubt that with the stellar combination of our team, clients and partners that challenge us every day to do our best, this year will definitely be unforgettable.

– Shauna MacDonald is founder and Principal of Brookline Public Relations. When Shauna announced she was opening her own firm, the constant response was, “It’s about time!”

Her extensive knowledge of both Canadian and U.S. markets has helped various companies from start-up to established, gain and sustain market leader positions. If Shauna was not in public relations she would be a rock star, belting out tunes in her Jimmy Choos.

How to Plan Your Own Birthday Party: 10 Event Planning Necessities

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Brookline recently took a moment to celebrate what is fondly referred to around our office as #10yearsofhappy, by hosting a Brookline-themed anniversary party. The event was no small feat and expectations were high – especially considering that we throw events for a living. Luckily we know a few tricks of the trade that made executing a seamless event a little easier. Here are 10 event-planning necessities that make all the difference when it comes to organizing a killer party:

  1. A head start. The one thing you can never get enough of when you’re event planning is time. The earlier you get the ball rolling, the easier your life will be when you’re juggling vendors, guest lists and venue selection. Believe it or not, Brookline’s birthday bash was actually in the works months in advance of its execution.

  2. A place to call your own. Location, location, location! It’s more than an old adage – choose a venue that is the right size and feel for your event and think creatively about how you can make the space your own. We transformed our restaurant location into Bar Brookline for the night, rebranding the venue inside and out to create a totally different look.

  3. A theme to set the mood. Whether it’s a colour scheme, an overall ‘vibe’ or a specific theme that you’re going for, ensure you tie each aspect of the event together. The last thing you want is to confuse your guests with a hodgepodge of mismatched or random décor. We kept things simple with a black and white colour scheme and a chic New York club vibe.

  4. Party People. What’s a party without guests? Take time to strategically prepare, update and thoroughly review your guest list – you don’t want to forget anyone! Ensure that contact information is up to date and that you have a second pair of eyes to check your list over (or in our case, 10 pairs of eyes).

  5. A warm welcome. It is crucial to make a good first impression. Guests should be made to feel welcome and provided key information (where they can check in, hang their coats and get a drink) as soon as they step through the door. Be sure to also keep traffic moving, this will prevent bottlenecking and help to fill your event space.

  6. The right sound. Having the right kind of music to fill the silence or get people moving is just as important as décor. Whether it’s a DJ, live music or both, it’s important to coordinate your sound with the mood of your event to round out the ambiance that you’re trying to achieve. Brookline enlisted a DJ as well as conga and saxophone players, to create an upbeat, lounge-y atmosphere.

  7. A little something to whet the appetite. If your event is taking place close to a meal time, be sure to have something tasty on hand for your guests to snack on (or you may end up with more than a few ‘hangry’* guests). We went with a selection of trendy hors d’oeuvres that catered to the demographic of our guests– deep fried mac and cheese anyone?
    *Hangry: A state of anger or irritability resulting from being hungry.

  8. A tweet or two. Social media is extremely pervasive in the world of events and what people post before, during and after your event will have a lot to say about its success. Keep social media top of mind during your event by providing your guests with visual reminders of relevant social media handles and hashtags. #10yearsofhappy made more than one appearance on the day of our event and kept the momentum going in the days that followed too.

  9. A rock star team to back you up. Pulling off any event should always be a team effort. Second opinions, site visits, vendor inquiries, set-up and take-down all require a little help from a friend (or 10). Having a solid event team makes all the difference and at Brookline we’re lucky enough to have a stellar team of event rock stars to make the magic happen.

  10. Something different. Set your event apart and incorporate a creative twist or two to keep people taking about your event even after it’s come to an end. We surprised guests by unveiling our #10yearsofhappy music video, which paid tribute to Pharrell’s Happy and included cameos by some of our amazing partners and clients. Haven’t seen it yet? Watch it here:

While our 10 year anniversary has certainly been a significant milestone for our team, the last 10 years have really been made possible thanks to the wonderful clients, partners and friends who have journeyed with us along the way. Thank you for celebrating with us, we can’t wait to see what the next 10 years have in store!

– Erica Morgan is an Assistant Account Specialist at Brookline Public Relations. She brings experience in the areas of internal communications, branding and business ethics. Erica’s main areas of practice focus on event management, social media strategy and media relations.

B is for blog and this is mine!

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

It’s crazy to think that August is already over; it seems like just yesterday I was walking through the doors of Brookline about to begin my first public relations internship. In honour of Brookline’s upcoming 10 year anniversary, I’ve dedicated this blog to the top 10 moments from my internship at Brookline.

B – BRANDT – There’s no better way to immerse oneself in Brookline’s culture than getting to know the tunes of long-time Brookline client and Alberta music icon, Paul Brandt. After the hectic month of June, we were treated to floor seats at Paul’s stampede concert. It’s always great to be Alberta bound!

R – RUNWAY – I’m not talking about fashion, but rather the grand opening of the Calgary Airport Authority’s new runway.  At 4.2 kilometres long, it’s the longest runway in Canada. Not many people can say they drove Hal Johnson and Joanne Macleod from BodyBreak down an airport runway in a golf cart – but I can!

O – OIL AND GAS – In June, we attended the Global Petroleum Show. Sixty-five countries, 2,000 exhibits, 63,000 attendees and 127 lattes made for a very successful event. Brookline secured 82 interviews for the event and garnered 179 media hits.  The only thing missing was a celebrity or two – Leonardo DiCaprio anyone?

O – ORGANIC – I must admit that prior to RedHat’s Stampede lunch I had never “indulged” in a wheatgrass shot. Have you ever tried one? Just imagine swallowing the scent of freshly mowed grass. I spent a sunny July morning handing out fresh, organic juice shots to reenergize Stampede-goers at the Hat’s Off to Local Produce event.

K – KLM – I bet you’d never guess that KLM actually stands for Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij. Try painting that on the side of an airplane! Brookline helped KLM Royal Dutch Airlines celebrate its five-year anniversary in Calgary with a luncheon and evening reception at Rush Ocean Prime. The successful event was attended by airport executives, trade partners and key Calgary bloggers.

L – LATTES – No day is complete without a trip to Starbucks (and a treat or two)! With early mornings and even busier days, there is no such thing as too much coffee in this office. A Brookline coffee run is sure to refresh the mind and body, and can even act as a great impromptu brainstorm session. P.S. in case you couldn’t tell, we also love doughnuts.

I – IN THE NEWS – Every morning I cracked open the Post, the Herald and the Globe to get caught up on the daily news. This was an important part of keeping on top of current affairs, as well as monitoring for ever-important client mentions. And as a plus, discussing current events in conversations has never been easier – it pays to be up to date on your news and events.

N – NEW DRIVER – Last month, Brookline supported Southland Transportation in bringing more awareness to school safety by offering media the chance to jump behind the wheel of a school bus. With the added pressure of Calgary police officers watching, I tried out Southland’s virtual driving stimulator. It has yet to be determined if I have a promising career as a bus driver ahead of me.

E – EXCELLENCE – The Brookline team constantly strives to achieve excellence in everything we do. Our weekly traffic meetings are just one example of how we channel our best energies into each project that comes through our doors. Every meeting is like trying to keep your eye on the ball during an intense tennis match, as the Brookline team reviews the opportunities and challenges of the week.

X – 10 – Ten years and counting. Happy Anniversary Brookline! Thanks to the entire team for an awesome internship that exceeded all my expectations.

– Shae Pollock is an intern at Brookline Public Relations. She is going into her fourth year of public relations at Mount Royal University, where she developed her communication skills working for non-profit organizations.