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Survey says … PR firms (still) the No. 1 source for journalists

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Below is an interesting article written by Kevin Allen, reporter for PR Daily News, that we wanted to share with you:

“A new poll suggests that journalists are increasingly relying on social media for their sources, but it’s still not as influential as PR.

Oriella PR Network polled nearly 500 journalists, and learned that 47 percent are using Twitter (up from 33 percent a year ago) and 35 percent are using Facebook as a source (up from 25 percent a year ago).

Still, social media isn’t the first thing they’re going to—only 4 percent said they use Twitter, Facebook, or blogs as their first source in researching a story.

The No. 1 resource that journalists in this study are using for sourcing was PR agencies, with a whopping 62 percent.

As for the first port of call when researching a news or feature story? PR again! Nearly 22 percent of respondents say their initial stop is a press release.

Oriella PR Network, an alliance of 15 communications agencies in 20 countries, has published its annual study on digital journalism since 2008.

One striking stat in the article suggests that journalists are working harder:

Almost half (45 percent) admitted they have to produce more content and a third (34 percent) work longer hours. However, despite this added pressure, 44 percent of the respondents said they enjoyed their job more, compared with 34 percent in 2010 and just 27 percent in 2009.
So, keep those press releases coming—apparently they’re still working on many of my colleagues. And don’t be surprised when the number of journalists going to social media first increases to the 70 percent range by this time next year.”

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How to get your clients in the press and keep them there

Friday, May 13th, 2011



 How to get your clients in the press and keep them there

At Brookline, we are often approached by existing and potential clients to gain media exposure for their events, announcements, leadership members, new products, etc.

So today we’d like to share some of our tips and best practices with you:

1. Is this news?

Before pitching, ask yourself if your announcement is newsworthy. Will the journalist’s audience find this information interesting/useful? Do you have a credible source who can talk to the information? Is this something that has already been covered in the press recently? Is there a local angle the reporter can tie into the story?

2. So you have news, who cares?

The key to pitching media is knowing what a reporter covers, what they’ve covered recently and what interests them and their readers. Is this best directed for a lifestyle, business or health reporter? Within each of those categories reporters will cover different topics. One lifestyle reporter may cover gardening while another covers home décor.

3. You have news, you know who you want to tell, now tell it!

You can issue a media advisory, send a pitch, hold a press conference, write a press release or pick up the phone. Reporters receive hundreds of emails and phone calls daily, so make sure your content stands out by writing concisely and having a strong and catchy headline or subject line.

4. No luck? Try, try again.

If the reporter gets back to you right away and gives your idea the green light – great! If not, be sure to follow up with them by email and phone; you’d be surprised how often emails get lost, bounce back or end up in the junk mail folder. If a reporter isn’t able to cover your news right away, they’ll have it on file for future reference. And don’t be hesitant to pitch them for another angle, or even pitch the same idea down the road.  

5. Keep in the know.

Lastly, with any client or company you’re working with, be sure that you are kept in the loop on their affairs (i.e. anniversary’s, new products, milestones, progress updates, etc.) so that you can assess what may be of interest to reporters.

Now you have the basics for pitching a reporter. If you have any other secrets for success we’d love to hear from you.


Edo Japan Celebrates 100th Restaurant Opening

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Edo Japan Celebrates 100th Restaurant Opening

‎Edo Japan, a Calgary-based company, was excited to open the doors of its 100th restaurant in Edmonton on Tuesday, May 10, and so were the ladies at Brookline.

 People were drawn in by the fresh aroma of the made-to-order meals, and Edo Japan’s signature Sukiyaki Beef and Teriyaki Chicken bowls were flying off the grill as the restaurant saw a steady stream of customers during its first day of operations.

 Brookline attended the grand opening of the new restaurant and effectively managed all media relations activities. Publications such as the Calgary Herald and Edmonton Journal covered the event and some lucky media members were also treated to Edo Japan’s Teppan-style meals.

 Owner and CEO, Tom Donaldson, along with franchisees Nelson and Estrella Rodriguez, celebrated the milestone for Edo Japan with a ribbon cutting event. With 100 locations now open, we encourage you to find the one nearest you and taste some of these flavourful dishes.